When to relist an item?

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  1. I recently sold an LV Damier agenda on eBay. Right after the auction closed I received an email from the buyer (I believe), using a very slightly different (but obvious) name, asking a question about the item. Even though the answer was in the listing and the auction had ended, I answered the question again. I guess she didn't like the answer, because there has been no response to my invoices and emails. I finally gave up hope and filed a NPB with eBay. A pain, but I'm sure I can resell the item, and probably for an even better price.

    My question is this: eBay takes forever to close a dispute and grant a final value credit and free relist, but I'd like to relist it now. If I relist before they grant the free relist, will they still go back and refund me the listing fee, or am I supposed to wait until the dispute is completely closed?

    Also: There is the possibility that this person will pay before the dispute is closed, but I doubt it. He/she has been buying (and paying for) other auctions in the meantime. Even if this person does pay, I wouldn't want to sell it to her. If that happened and I simply told her the item was no longer available and refunded the payment, would I be in trouble?

    Sorry for the lengthy post. This is all probably very silly, but I don't sell a whole lot and have never had to deal with this situation before. I do a lot more lurking (and learning) than posting here, but I admire and appreciate the collective wisdom of tpf. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. If it has been more than 8 days, go ahead and relist. If she tries to pay you, refund her. make sure you block both the ids from bidding.
  3. If it's passed 7 days, you'd file NPB dispute & contact eBay about non-response & paying buyer.

    Did you state in your auction the terms about contacting you within... after auction closed or you'll relist item, etc? If you did it, you'd relist it and refuse buyer payment as she abuse the terms & not contacting you to get exception
  4. I agree with the above. Once you're able to file a non-paying bidder report, go ahead & relist. I've never done one (Yet!), but my only question would be, if she pays, and you then refund her the money, what happens to your Final Value Fees? Will Ebay still take them from you, since in their eyes the transaction has completed? Maybe another poster could help!
  5. That's a good point lvgodiva, my auction clearly stated 72 hours for PayPal and seven days for payment by mail. The buyer didn't abide by either.

    dcgal, I'm with you...I want to relist now! But, I'm not sure what happens with the Final Value Fees. I have a feeling Ebay will keep them even though I already filed a NPB report.

    Maybe someone out there has the answer. Thanks!!