When To Go Nude, Let's Chat

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  1. Okay so I have my first nude VP...because I just KNEW I needed them....and last night I was playing with them and trying to decide when the best time to go nude with an outfit is.

    When do you guys think nude really pulls an outfit together and why?

    Why is it better than black.....when does a nude really give the outfit that extra pop?
  2. I think nude is best with brighter colors and with patterns, definitely better than black with colorful dresses and outfits. Nudes also look great with a spray tan IMO, so a great summer choice.
  3. Oh and congrats on your nude VP's, nude VP's are TDF! ;)
  4. Yay, congratulations! I seriously think nude is the most versatile shoe in the world, even more than black. They look great with dark colors, light colors, prints, solids...

    I think they pop the most against a dark outfit - like black skinny jeans and a black blazer or a black dress and I also think they look more modern worn that way. It is a step away from the expected black shoe.

    I think they look great with prints and colors as well but I think they just look more classic in that instance.
  5. I love Nude shoes with White Skinny jeans!
  6. Jet...I just ordered the best skinny jeans!!!! that are white. so perfect.

    Last night I had on black jeans, super skinny and my green Chanel vintage tweed jacket....and I almost wore the nudes but wore my Spike VP instead.
  7. Nudes are my favorite color shoes, the absolutle most versitile color, my favorite way to wear nude shoes is with a short black dress, because they are sooo great at elongating your legs!! wear them well and take outfits pics for us!! lol enjoy your VP's!
  8. Jet, I think I like pretty much any CL with white skinny jeans! :P

    Guccigal, I wish you'd posted a picture of that outfit! :flowers: It sounds so amazingly chic!!

    I wear mostly neutral colors, which is why nudes are totally perfect for my wardrobe (think VERY J. Crew meets Louboutin... and that's me). I do have some bright colors that I love to wear with them too! I like that nude shoes don't limit what jewelry I wear like some of my other shoes do.

    The best thing about nude is that it really does go with nearly EVERYTHING.
  9. That sounds SO cute.
  10. Congrats! I think nude VPs would go very well with sequin tops, chiffon dresses and silks.
  11. I like them with Missoni or Pucci prints. Nude is such an amazing color really. You can wear them with everything.
  12. i love nude because it looks so classy with everything! i agree about nude with a short black dress elongating the legs!
  13. For me, a nude shoe with just about any color dress or skirt works best because I'm only 5'3" and the nude shoe makes my legs look longer:smile: