When to give a baby a blanket? a pillow?

  1. My youngest turned a year old in January, and I want to know when I should give her a blanket or a pillow. I was super paranoid with my fist baby and she didn't get one until she was almost 2. Ava, the 1 year old is a tummy or side sleeper mostly and I know that she isn't ready for a pillow, but is a blanket OK? I don't know if it would even really stay on her but her room is the coldest in the house and I feel bad. We have the heat on and it's warm in the rest of the house but their room in always colder. I have even had a heat/AC company come out to help the air flow issue. Even with fleece footie PJ's and socks on with them.. and an undershirt she still wakes up in the morning with cold feet. I can't wait for it to get a little warmer!
  2. If she's a year old, I would give her a blanket. She can roll around and move the blanket out of her face, unlike infants. My aunts and such told me they put blankets in their cribs as young as three months, and all of their kids are alive and healthy! I wouldn't worry too much about it now that your child is older.
  3. We gave my son a blanket when he outgrew the sleep sacks... I think he was 8 or 9 months. He actually got a pillow right before his first birthday, a baby sized one because he kept asking for it. We watched what he did the first night after he fell asleep and he still does the same thing. He will lay his head on the pillow and fall asleep, then he will take it and push it aside.
  4. wow, I keep getting surprised in this forum. lol I had NO idea you couldn't give a baby a blanket...I knew about the pillow tho. I hope someone tells me these things before I have my baby hahaha ahhhh!
  5. Danica:

    You can swaddle the baby... highly recommend this website: http://www.miracleblanket.com/

    Just not recommended to put a blanket on a baby... they tend to move a lot and kick up over their faces and then are not able to get it off.... there are also sleep sacks if you have your baby in the winter, loved these with my son:


    You basically zip them in for warmth over their PJs. DS was not a swaddler so these worked really well.
  6. Thanks for the info, I'd better add one of these to the list. Did you see the video on the miracleblanket website? I mean it's like a straightjacket!!! lol It makes me clausterphobic just watching. I think i may go for option number two! heheh babyinabag seems a little less restrictive.
  7. Danica, keep in mind, though, that after 9 months of being in a tucked fetal position and all tightly held w/in the womb, babies are a whole lot more used to close-quarters than we are! So the swaddle concept actually helps them feel secure and safe - and is a transition from womb to non-womb life... Some babies are REALLY into it, some aren't. Some are into having parts of themselves swaddles (arms, not arms) so it's a baby-by-baby thing! When they are first born, babies have very weakly developed nervous systems (relatively speaking), so they startle very easily - and when they do, they jump, flail their arms, sometimes to the point of upsetting themselves. Swaddling also can help reduce that... I didn't know alot of this until we had our first, btw. Check out 'the happiest baby on the block' for more than you'll ever want to know about swaddling! We did lots of sleepsacks...ds really did great with those.
  8. HI Danica, Just wanted to put my two-sense in here. Monkaroo is right - for many babies, the swaddling there is very comforting. I'd recommend one of each to add to your registry and then see which one ends up working best for your particular child. Then, buy more of whichever one works from there. I had one of each. Now, I admit, my son preferred the Sleepsack to the swaddling thing, but he was the rare child, from what I understand.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I will start giving her a blanket tonight! If it actually stays on her is a different story.


    My babies LOVED the miracle blanket!!! It is a MUST HAVE! Just imagine you have a crying infant that just wont settle down.. wont feed ETC.. You wrap them up in that blanket and BAM! Quiet and settled down.. ready to take a bottle or breast.. AHHH the blanket was pretty much a life saver for my "colic-y" baby.
  10. I'm actually having the same problem with my 10 month old. Her room is the coldest, and she has cold legs every morning. About a week ago her humidifier broke, so we got a cheapy $13 "warm mist" Vicks one. Well, the warm mist was more than enough to take the edge off the cold, and she sleeps much better too.
  11. Hehe, I was just about to say something about swaddling, but then remembered you said your baby was a year, so she might be a little mad at that idea. But younger babies find great comfort in it, indeed!
  12. I was SUPER paranoid about my son who is now almost 3. He didn't get a blanket until he was almost 2 1/2 years old. His room is also the coldest in the house so I put socks on him, an undershirt, fleecy footie pajamas and then a light shirt on top of the pajamas. Or, I would layer a light cotton pajama on the bottom and a heavier fleecy one on top. As for the pillow, I actually gave him one 2 days ago for the first time because he was a bit congested and he is almost 3!! LOL!! I am extremely paranoid, I must admit!
  13. ahhh okay! lol It makes sense now...and hey, if it's good for getting babies to settle down, I'll give it a try. Thanks girls!
  14. There are lots of other swaddling blankets as well. We just went to a pre-birth newborn care class a couple weeks ago. It was at a store, so they had some of the merchandise out for us to check out as well -- different slings and swaddling wraps and such. I also thought the Miracle Blanket was a bit overly straightjackety with the arm pieces. I had a hard time getting the arm pieces on my doll properly (we were practicing everything with dolls), so I'm not sure if I'd be able to get the miracle blanket on a live squirmy baby. However, it was nothing compared to trying to jam the stiff doll into the sling. LOL
  15. what about buying another heater for the cold room and using a humidifier to combat the drier air?

    I always felt bad when my first born was a baby and we couldn't give him a comforter, but we could use one. We always had the heating on in the winter and with the door shut his room would get quite warm but I still felt bad.