When to file a complaint? Advice, please.


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Aug 26, 2006
I need advice--quick.

I won an auction on Ebay for a Coach bag. During the auction, the seller and I were messaging each other back and forth-- great communication. In one of the messages she said I have 5 days to return the item and she'd refund me the winning bid (no S & H and insurance which I agree with). I received the bag on 12/26. I have sent her 3 messages telling her that I'd like to return the item and if I should return it to the same address that is on the box. There are lots of scratches on the leather and a piece of the trim is peeling/coming off. She didn't mention any of these flaws in the auction listing. She has not returned any of my messages.

My return timeframe is going to end soon.
Should I just send the bag back or do I continue to wait til she gets back to me?

Same thing with another seller... I tried contacting her 4 times and she has not responded to any of my messages. She sold me Coach dustbags that are a different size than what the auction listed. They are clearly fake. The logos in the corners are not right and the drawstrings are different...

I've never filed a complaint before so I'd also like to know how many attempts should be tried before one files a complaint.

For PayPal, it doesn't matter whether they say they will take a return or not and what there deadline is for returns. You have to be within PP's guidelines. Thing is that PP can always rule in the seller's favor. Then you are out the bag, and maybe the money of the seller is dishonest.
Absolutely. Do NOT send the bag back unless Paypal tells you to do so. File a complaint with them first and see what happens. Why pay for postage if you don't have to?

If you don't get a satisfactory response from PP, file a chargeback with your credit card. Your credit card company will not want you to send it back until they say so. They might want to use the bag(s) as evidence especially the ones that are fake.
Ok, I decided to follow the steps provided on Ebay... I messaged both sellers. I also called both sellers. The second seller (that sold me those fake dustbags) messaged me and is willing to refund my money. I am still waiting on the first seller. She wasn't home when I called (she was at work). I'll give it til tomorrow morning. If she doesn't contact me, then I'll file a complaint.

My first complaint thingie ever!