When to file a claim?

  1. I bought a bag about 2 weeks ago, already paid for it, but it still isn't here. I contacted the seller 4 or 5 times, I never got a reply. Then I filed a dispute with paypal and I got a reply saying it's been shipped, and that's it. No tracking, and haven't heard from since!! I know there's only 20 days to file a claim, so I'm wondering if now is a good time to escalate it to a claim?? The seller charged me like $20 for shipping too!!! It's outrageous!! At that price I expected the package to be shipped at least priority (if they won't use express), but doesn't seem like it was shipped at all.
  2. I would escalate it. At the very list you'll hear from the seller and at the most, you'll get your item. $20 for shipping is outrageous. I'm tired of sellers that advertise priority mail, and then it shows up a week later in a brown envelope with $4 label on it :cursing: sorry I'm griping lol
  3. Def escalate!
  4. Absolutely escalate. If the bag is worth over $250, the seller is required to send the bag with tracking and signature confirmation. Don't wait!
  5. Exactly the same thing happened to me recently, for $2000! I filed a claim this morning and of course THEN the seller decides to communicate.
    By sending me a bogus tracking number. :rolleyes: