When to CURL eyelashes? *help*

  1. So I finally found a mascara I like (Maybelline's Full 'N Soft) and i'm loving my makeup routine - however it dawned on me I don't know when to curl lashes: i.e.

    * do you curl before you apply your mascara

    * do you curl after your mascara dries?

    * do you curl before AND after you apply your mascara?

  2. Curl before mascara.
  3. I usually curl before applying mascara first. Let it dry, then curl again a little. You don't mention if you wear eyeshadows, but if you do, it's best that you apply the eyeshadow first before curling/applying mascara. Otherwise you'll end up with shadow all over your freshly done lashes.
  4. I curl twice before I put on my mascara, once after my mascara dries, and then throughout the day I curl whenever I think my eye lashes look a little droopy. This system has been working great for me and my eye lashes have never looked better!
  5. curl before, if you curl after it's easier to break lashes since your lashes are harder from the mascara. get the shu uemura curler and you only need to curl once!
  6. I never curl after i apply mascara in fear of breaking my lashes :sweatdrop:
  7. Always curl before mascara. To get a good curl, do not just squeeze once really hard. Instead, "walk" the curler gently down the lashes pressing down firmly but not too hard 3 times as you work from base to tip. This will give a good curl rather than make you a victim of that "bent lashes" look.
  8. ^bent lashes are not cool! Glamfoxx is giving good advice! You really shouldn't curl after you've put on mascara, like it's been said, it could break your lashes, and then you'll just have short lashes.

    Brush out your lashes, use your eye curler (i recommend shu uemera as well), and then use mascara as your final step. That is what I do and my curled lashes hold perfectly.
  9. where do you get that curler? shu uemera
  10. You can get the shu uemura curler at Nordstroms or Sephora. I use full n soft too. Cheap brand... I know... but it's the only mascara that'll hold a curl. It's great! I curl with the shu uemura curler and then apply full n soft.... and at the end of the day... curls are 100% still intact. You'll love this routine. If I go somewhere at night... I just reapply mascara... no clumps at all.
  11. does it really make a difference what kind of curler you use? They all look the same to me... maybe i should buy a nice one?? :confused1:
  12. ^My roommate had a drugstore curler and it didn't work anywhere near as well as my shu uemera curler. I don't know how it's made better, but it is, and the proof is how much longer my curls stayed and how much better they looked. The shu uemera is also rated the best by Allure magazine, so it's not just me!
  13. ^^Oooo Great tip! I'm of to get the Shu curler tomorrow. I'm glad there's someone else out there that likes the full 'n soft mascara too!
  14. Curl before mascara, place the curler on the lashes and look upward for a few seconds that way you get them at the root. Then apply only 2 coats. wait in between. Do not curl after they dry, you could lose your lashes(it happpened to me once).After there dry, brush them out, so they look natural and not clumply. Now, you have sexy eyes, you go girl!!:yes:
  15. I blow-dry the eyelash curler, curl my lashes, then apply mascara.