When to carry cloth?

  1. Hello, I have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer for on Google. Does a cloth handbag (i.e., Fossil with a nice, thick, multiple-strand, braided leather handle and a heavyweight, textured, very light tan color cloth bag count as "straw"?? In other words, would it be appropriate to carry this bag during March in New York City? I realize I can do whatever I want, "I am woman" and all that. But what is the "rule" does anyone know? THANK YOU!
  2. I think you know the answer, you're just not listening to your instinct. Usually cloth bags (cotton/canvas) are worn in hot weather or in the spring/summer seasons starting in April ( from your description of the bag, it sounds like a summer bag?) I don't know how the weather is in NY, I assume it's still cold and wet. So, I would wait alittle.....but of course it's up to you...if you feel comfortable wearing it now...go for it!
  3. You're right. I suspected it might be a faux pas to carry it, but I was hoping against hope - LOL! Thanks!
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