When to buy and use...

  1. vernis?

    Do you buy and use it mostly in the summer or do you also buy and use it in the wintertime?
  2. it may be safer to use it in the summer, but then you're not really supposed to expose it to too much heat

    i guess in the winter when it's not raining/snowing you can use it. i'll probably use my perle Bedford in the winter if the weather's decent
  3. Well it depends on your area..it's normally warm here so I can use mine pretty much all year. But I actually don't mine using the vernis in the rain because the water just rolls right off of it like it does on the Epi.
    It also depends on the color..the brighter colors look nice in the spring and summer months, but it also looks nice in the dead of winter for an unexpected pop of color.
  4. well... its pretty much hot all the time here- so i use it in both summer and winter. and i dont' really have to worry too much about rain either ;)
  5. I do use them year round, but I do avoid leaving it in the sun. My red reade pm faded.
  6. wow mmc, that's so great! I love summer! Here it's summer for about 2,5 months and winter for about 5 months ;-(
  7. Use mine all year round:yes: Thinking or a reade are you?:graucho:
  8. I buy it whenever and use it shortly after! I don't really pay attention to seasons...as long as I feel comfortable/confident with the bag, I'll use it!
  9. It's summer here all year round where I live and I've noticed the vernis to actually transfer / discolor faster if you bring it out in the hot afternoon sun. :sad:
  10. How about scratches? Does it get scratch easily?
  11. It's suppose to be resistant against abrasion and scratches.I have scratched mine but it's not noticeable cos of the 'glossiness' but if you look hard it's there.:yes:
  12. Oh, thanks for the info... I'm hesistant towards getting one from the vernis range as I'm afraid if it will be too delicate to take care... :P
  13. I've seen one on ebay that had partly lost the glossiness, eww! The vernis seems almost too delicate to handle if you really use (not abuse) your bags...
  14. I was interested in the Vernis line... but my SA talked me out of it since it is too "delicate". :sad: I know I would constantly worry about it. But it looks soooo GOOD!
  15. I'm using mines all the time except in extreme heat.