When to buy a XL Jumbo Red Caviar Flap with Gold??

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    Can somebody help me find a JUMBO XL Caviar Flap with Gold Chain?
    I called Saks and Neiman Marcus near me and they both said there's none left..

    Also, if somebody can tell me the price, that will be great~!! =)

    Thank you soo much in advance!!!!:yes:
  2. The XL Jumbo size was discontinued a while back. As for red... we are all dying for red! Chanel releases red so limitedly and most of us here in the Chanel forum are on the hunt for a red jumbo. The only way to find this style now is through consignment shops or eBay. Good luck, they are VERY scarce!
  3. Yes, it's not easy to find one now! Everyone is hunting so am I....*LOL*:p
  4. Me too!!! It is one of my dream bags at the moment:p.