When they think you have a fake designer purse


Feb 2, 2006
Does anyone ever get the feeling that other people think that you are carrying a fake designer bag based on the way you dress or how old they think you are. I know that theres been times where I pass judgement on other people and I think "she can't possibly be wearing the real thing".. where as 8 outta 10 times I'm pretty much correct. But obviously other people probably look at me sometimes and think the same thing. IE. if someone is really dressed nice and wearing a nice bag, you are more inclined to think it's real. A high school student wearing a hermes at first glance you'd think "yeah right" get the idea. I'd like to hear what you guys think.
Most people think because I live in a small area which is not close to major stores that I sport fakes, but I don't. If you have anything someone else doesn't have, they always try to "jusitify" it. My mom has a beautiful diamond ring and many people have called it fake. It's usually jealousy. So, I don't jude anyone unless it's a fake and I really know.
IntlSet said:
No, but I have found it hilarious when I was talking to a Nordstrom's SA and she asked me how much my Chanel bag cost: "Like, two hundred?" She wasn't trying to be sarcastic or snide, either!

Wow. But isn't most of the handbags in Nordstrom over $200? :amazed: Therefore, it shouldn't be a shocker to Nordstrom SA that certain handbags *can* cost more than two benjamins. :blink:

How did you respond to that?
bluekit said:
Wow. But isn't most of the handbags in Nordstrom over $200? :amazed: Therefore, it shouldn't be a shocker to Nordstrom SA that certain handbags *can* cost more than two benjamins. :blink:

How did you respond to that?

haha! She was in the B.P. department (juniors) and she was in highschool (she went to my highschool, actually) so it figures she might not know about these things.

I just responded, "Yeah, something like that." What's the point of correcting her, right? ;)
I've never been one to care about what others think of me, but sometimes I do wonder that same thing :shame: I have tattoos and piercings, normally wear jeans, a tank top, and either flip flops or Converse sneakers when I shop, yet carry nice bags :lol: I don't dwell on it, though, because I know my bag is the real thing and that's what matters. Let them wonder :P
Cristina said:
Let them wonder :P

Agreed !

I'm sure no one thinks my Coach bags are fake (oh come on, I just don't understand those that buy replica Coach, just go to the outlet !!) but my LVs are a different story.. I'm pretty sure most people just think it's another fake because of the area I'm from but they can think that, I know I'm carrying handbag gold ! :amuse:
I think nothing wrong to carry fake stuff. Some people can't really afford the real thing. I tried to not judge since even SA or Manager of the store this day can't even separated Fake from Real.
When I carry my designer purse, I don't think about what other people think. I think of I want to carry it right, that it looks nice and I look out together.
When I'm not dressed for work, I am in t-shirts, jeans or sweats. And believe me they aren't trendy fitted sweats! So when you pair that with a Ferragamo or Gucci, I'm sure people second guess my bags! I don't mind, I know they're real and that's all that counts!
Yeah I really don't care either. I was just wondering if anyone has ever thought the same thing. I sometimes catch people starring at my bag, and the thought comes to mind. what are they thinking ? but then that milli second of a thought is gone and I'm carrying on with my day. :P OH and ayla, I totally agree with you on the coach thing. I remember one day 3 years ago my friend told me she had just gone to the mall and saw a store called GOACH. hahahahah.. I was laughing my ass off. sorry if I offended anyone that shops there.
I know I tend to pay special attention to the bags that women are carrying, even more so since I started collecting designer bags, and sometimes I can spot a fake fairly easily.

I used to be afraid of buying designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi and Dior, especially the monogrammed ones, because there are billions of fakes being tooled around on the streets nowadays, and I'm a huge fan of monogrammed bags.

Being a college student, I was also afraid of the other students thinking, Oh she can't possibly afford that; she's still in school!

The last time I was in Manhattan, I wanted to buy the Multicolore Trouville in white, but I was hesitant about it for obvious reasons. Then my boyfriend -- and possibly the SA -- got tired of me standing at the counter holding the display bag and said, "Well then, if you're so worried about what people might think, why don't you just carry the receipt around in the bag so that you can whip it out when you think people are calling your bag a fake?"