when they say...(ro)

  1. when you make an order and they say "OK I'LL HAVE THAT SHIPPED OUT TO YOU!" then don't ask for payment information and politely say goodbye..

    just wanted to confirm..that means i don't have to pay...right?

    im sorry if i sound stupid.. :confused1:
  2. I would agree. Unless they have one of your credit cards on file and permission from you to charge. Otherwise, how would they be able to make you pay?
  3. thanks, i was just wondering..
    whether they'd just say OK..didn't ask for payment, then don't ship out!

    with lower-end luxury goods..i probably won't care...
  4. I guess it depends on what you ordered?? I would assume that it was free but if you've ordered a bag I'd think it's a mistake

    so what did you get???
  5. Such they don't care even act such they don't want to sell...
  6. :confused1:

  7. hmm... it's ambiguous. maybe u can give them a call to ask? it's kind of strange.
  8. Uhhhh :confused1: Do they have your CC & billing information on file? If not, I don't see how they're going to ship it to you...

    I would call back and explain that you placed an order, but you didn't provide billing info, so you were wondering how it would work :smile:
  9. ^ they asked for my address...and after i gave it to them they said they will ship out to me..
  10. This is kinda what's going on with my order I think from Eluxury, I did give them my card info and they already have shipped it but they haven't charged my card yet and it's been like 3 days...

    Is that weird?
  11. The boutique usually sends orders purchased over the phone with complimentary free ground shipping. Unless you ask for expedited shipping them they will charge you accordingly to the weight of the package. Usually starts at $30.
  12. ^ but i'm saying i didn't get charged for anything at all...
  13. That is really strange :confused1: I would call and confirm.

    So what did you order?? :graucho:
  14. I've had this happen, but it was because my CC was on file and my SA knows just to charge the one on file unless I specify otherwise.

    Soooo...spill it girl..whatcha order???
  15. I would call them back and see.