When The Vanchetta Darkens........

  1. how's that thread title for drama?? :p *ahem* just feeling cheesy... :shame:

    Anyways, just wondering... which bags look good when the vanchetta darkens? of course all the bags look so pretty when the patina's all new and fresh... but only certain bags seems to age well... and i really need something that would last a lifetime....can't afford to replace an LV just because it looks 'old'.. :sweatdrop:
    the speedies age well... so do the batignolles....right?

    but what about the Popincourt Haut in particular...?

    i had another thread asking about the darkening of the vanchetta BV vs PH, but my question wasn't really answered...:shrugs: the PH looks so cute with all the detailing... but seems like the BV would be a safer bet...? i'm 5.4ft athletic built.:boxing: i love the way the BV looks on me, but i'm worried that it might look a bit too 'plain jane' ish and isn't versatile enough?

    TIA for the opinions everyone..!! :flowers: sorry long post...
  2. i like the patina on my Sonatine-she's been in shop since jan for lining change, i miss her :crybaby:
    S4300243_大小 .JPG
  3. I'm wondering that too since I'm planning my first vachetta handled LV...my first was the epi and I know it shouldn't look too different when it ages...I wish that we could custom order the vachetta to be whatever color we want it to be and be able to keep it at that color so there's no surprise after using them for a long time...but I guess that's the part of the joy and mystery in owning a bag with the vachetta...just to see what our babies "grow up" to look like :smile:
  4. can any one post any pictures of vachetta bottoms?? would surely help me out with my decision with a lockit pm...THANKS!
  5. Piano looks great,
    IMG_4832.jpg IMG_4828.jpg
  6. The Cabas Mezzo looks fab with the darker leather as well as the Speedy/Papillon/Alma...well IMO they all look FAB with the dark leather. (sorry I am not much help)
  7. I like patina, but does it ever stop? I've seen old speddies where the vachetta is like dark brown. Can it be stopped once it reaches a cetain point?
  8. Very nice :drool:
  9. Mono canvas bags look fine with aged vachetta.

    I think the only bags that don't look quite as nice with patina are the MC ones (especially white MC). I definitely prefer white MC with pale vachetta.
  10. WOW! your baby does look gorgeous with patina!:girlsigh:

    The ALMA also looks very nice with clean, dark and even patina.

  11. i've been wondering the same thing for a while now. i once read in a thread that someone's mother took her bag to some leather goods place to get the vachetta treated so it did not darken anymore than it already had. i wish i knew where, but i talked to my SA and she said its possible but that lv does not offer that service and that if i had it done lv would never touch my bag for a repair
  12. Denim ALWAYS looks good with one!! Since the fabric looks worn already!!!