When the time comes to say goodbye......

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  1. I hope no one minds me sharing this but I'm so sad.
    It's now my turn to be brave. My dear old Pit Bull x Great Dane "Chance" has cancer. She has been a wonderful, loyal companion for over 9 years and the time is approaching where I have to make a decision, the decision. I will not let her suffer, she has been far too wonderful for that, but I wish I could buy her some time. I look at her beautiful smiling face and wish that things could be different; that she could have a few more years spent on her favourite chair, doing absolutely nothing. I know I'm selfish wanting more time with her and I know that for every wonderful pet that owns us, this is the part that hurts the most, the part where we have to be brave......When the time comes to say goodbye. :crybaby:
  2. I completely understand how your feeling about this and im so sorry your going through it. I always used to say that hopefully i never have to make the decision because like you i did not want to be selfish when the time came. My time came July of 06, he was 10 and i had to make the decision. It's definitely not an easy thing to do but just know, and i say this from experience, that it's definitely the better choice than trying to put them on medication and "trying" to buy time. It was so hard for me but i tried to stay strong and understand it's for the better...and you will too. :heart:
  3. I am so sad for you! But it is an incredibly generous gift, to let your beloved dog go to rest without suffering. I have a dog who has bone cancer, when he was diagnosed the vet wanted to put him down immediately but we just couldn't do it. Amazingly enough, 6 months later, he continues to enjoy life and does not seem to be suffering at all but we are ever-vigilant for the first signs of him going into a decline and I am dreading the day. Please accept this {{{{hug}}}} and sympathy. We are here for you!
  4. Dallas, I'm sorry to hear about Chance. You are doing the right thing by not letting her suffer.

    Warm regards
  5. I've been in your shoes twice now. It never gets easy, but as you'll probably hear on this thread, it is truly the greatest gift of love you have to offer Chance.

    I know everyone is different about this, but I also strongly recommend that you are with him when it's time. Lots of people don't like the idea, but for me I felt very strongly that Sam (and Sheba) had both been there for me 150% in their lives and I owed it to them to be with them when it was time to say goodbye. It's a decision I've never regretted.
  6. my prayers go to you for strength during this time. I've walked in your shoes 3 times in my life and it is the hardest thing a pet owner has to do...but I've also learned it is the most loving thing we can do as well.

    Just a short story. I had a Collie that I loved with all my heart and soul. She was a great friend and really I called her my daughter. As she grew (she was an extremely BIG Collie), her hips started to displace. Our vet said that even with surgery, he couldn't guarantee she would beable to normally walk or run. It came to the time when she couldn't even stand up without assistance and it was painful for her (she would cry). I had to let her go and end her suffering. It broke my heart. I have since had many dreams of her running in tall grassy fields with a big grin on her face. It warms my heart to know she is up there, running pain free enjoying her life as it should have been on earth.

    I believe we will be with our loved animals again some day. Your baby will be there waiting with paws wide open, sparkles in his eyes and a huge smile on his face.:heart:
  7. That is such a hard decision, but it sounds like you're being very unselfish and unconditionally loving... good for you. Prayers for you at this hard time, you sound like a wonderful dog owner.

    I agree about seeing your dog again one day :yes: Waiting with open paws and that amazing pure heart!!!
  8. I have been almost there 4 times (2 dogs, 2 cats...) in the last 10 years, but they "managed" to pass away at home... the last cat, Penelope, a couple of weeks ago. She lived with my parents and was very seek (one of her lungs collapsed in January because of an unknown virus that has no cure). My parents "bought" her some time, took her to the vet almost every day, and we knew that we'd have to make the decision if pain was to be involved, but the vet always said that she was not in pain, but that her condition was deteriorating. My parents made her last days as comfy and full of love as possible...
    I guess you never get over the death of your pet, because they are also your family!!! I have pics of my cats and dogs all over my place and I still cry when I think of them :crybaby::crybaby:
    I'm sorry that you have to go through this... but I think we all in this thread know exactly how you feel and I hope you'll be ok soon... Be strong!!!
  9. Thank you all for your kind words.:heart: When the time comes, our vet (a kind, gentle soul) will come over to the house and put her to sleep and I'll make darn sure that the last thing she feels are my arms around her. I could never just drop her off at the vet and leave her there, she would be terrified and I would never forgive myself. I can't count the times over the years that I have had to do this, hugged them in close, kissed their grey faces and said goodbye. It never gets any easier but it's a very small price to pay for the years of love they give, isn't it?
  10. This is absolutely the worst part of owning a pet - but they are so worth it. Pets are so full of love, it's impossible to describe. I, too, have lost a dog and it's one of the hardest things I have ever gone thorugh in my life. It's right up there with losing my grandmother.

    I hope that you do find peace in your decision, and please know that this is not goodbye for you. She will be waiting for you up in heaven when your day comes. She will be waiting there with a big smile on her face, a wagging tail, ready to run to you and give you tons of kisses :crybaby:
  11. My thoughts are with you...
  12. Most of us have had to do this, myself many times. It hurts us so much it is awful. But, once someone told me this, and I will pass it on to you: Animals don't care how long they live, they just want to feel good. In other words, they don't realize, hey, I am only 8, or 10 or whatever. They don't like to feel sick. It is the most loving thing you can do when it is time. I have a resuce doxie who has cancer too. She is in my avatar. She is not symptomatic right now but when the time comes I will help her make her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.
  13. I was with my cat Lucky when I had to let him go. (I held him.)

    I never regretted that decision. His was a short life with us, but it was a happy life. The cat that was at the vet wasn't the Lucky I remembered. If we had taken him home, he wouldn't have made it much longer and the limited time he had would have been extremely painful for him. I didn't want to put him through that.

    My parents and I were in Toronto when my brother called and said he was hit by a car. All the updates on him we got were via phonecall. We literally drove from Toronto to the vet's office. I was away from him while he was at the vet and I didn't want to say goodbye to him and have them take him away.

    We know you'll do the right thing. (And when the time comes, I'll tell Lucky to look for Chance so they can play together.)
  14. I'm so sorry...............Prayers and hugs
  15. I had to bring my 12 yr old dacshund elly-may to be put to sleep a year on i can still cry at the thought of her...Be brave for you baby and enjoy your last times together..:crybaby: