When the right one comes along, you just know it. Ah, true love!!!

  1. I wasn't planning on a reveal but I was just reunited with my truest love (it was shipped to PA to meet me there and then I had to ship it to AZ to meet me here), and I just have to let everyone know I'm in love!!!! :yahoo:Charlie may have had his three angels, but I had four!!!! They authenticated this treasure before I proposed. (I guess it's like doing a background check on someone before taking the plunge. You have to get the best detectives on the case!)

    So, Thank You HermesGroupie, Grands Fonds, Dressage Queen and Mrs. Sparkles!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart: RAOK's are coming your way!!!!!
  2. Ooooh do tell!!! Please?!
  3. Congratulations!!! Any hints?
  4. Ooh....I love a secret....spill it!
  5. I do hope the angels will tune in! But here's a start!
  6. rouge h big bag right!!!!! ha ha looks like smooth leather box?
  7. Oh my gosh how wonderful! :heart::heart::heart: these H detectives.

    Now show the goods Luv2shop.
  8. Ooooh! Do I spy Birkin handles in Rouge H?!
  9. :nuts::nuts:

    congrats!!!!!!!!! can't wait for more pics.
  10. :whistle::happydance::party: It's ROUGE ... saw one handle, the other one hiding behind?

    can't find the popcorn smilies...

    let the show begins!
  11. Don't be a tease.:drool:
  12. OHHHHH..... cue the strip tease music, somebody! :upsidedown:
  13. refresh! still no picture...
  14. waiting..........waiting..........waiting........;)
  15. x-ray vision 35cm rouge h Birkin box GH!!!