When the popular labels fail you....what next

  1. This post is not intended for any one person or bag but to all bags that we have found to have some how crossed the poor quality line after being labeled a must have.

    This post is actually funny to me. I posted a thread a while ago asking why people dont give the newer designers a chance (like Shalon and Piero Guidi) who have quality bags (some made by the same manufacturers as Versace and Dolce and Gabanna). The responses I received were that "We do not want to get stuck with a piece of crap." Thats not the reason at all. Its only because they are not popular names. I asked why they keep buying the same old tired bags over and over just because of who made it. A lot of the new designers have quality products. It seems to me that these well known designers are beginning to take shortcuts and save a few bucks where quallity is concerned because they know you are going to buy it just to flaunt their name. I mean, come on, how many posts and threads have you seen complaining about how this popular designer is having his bags made in China now or this designer is using a lesser quality canvas now. Too many! Wake up people the designers know you are hooked to their names alone and will buy it just cause. It might as well read Kooba(or whoever) Crap Bag. You would still purchase them just because of who made it and some celeb toted it on their arm.

    Its funny how people can see a bag and think its nothing but the minute it makes a mag on a celebs arm its the almighty must have/It bag. Take a page from the celebs who find these designers first. They are obviously going out and looking for something different to carry on they arm. (when celebrity seeding is not involved) Thats how you were able to see it in a mag and label it must have in the first place, right. It takes someone elses originality and need to be different before you take notice. Okay I see how it works now.
  2. thanks for starting this thread. i think it's easier to stick with a particular brand until you get sick of that brand before you can physically move on. that's what happened to me with MJ. i have 14 of his bags, there's no reason for me to keep buying more right now. also, many bags MJ has designed this year have just been god-awful, imo. so i'm going back to my "roots," and searching for some new talent. it's funny, because i feel like it's a goal for some to be loyal to a particular brand. and once they've found their "match" it's hard for them to sway, because what other label is better than "fill in the blank?" because a lot of us are passionate about our hobby, it almost becomes like a relationship. you may b*tch and complain about your favorite label in hopes that the company hears you and then gets its act together. to break it off then becomes harder than it needs to be. i enjoy discovering new labels, though, but i understand that people can find a bond with others who like the same label(s) as they do. so moving on to another label may mean losing that bond, as well.
  3. I guess I feel strongly about the subject because I have never stuck with just one designer. I buy whats cute and what will accent the colors I wear most.
  4. I can't agree with you more on this subject. I'm glad someone started a theard about this. Thanks Urbanwrunlmtd.
  5. ^ I've never stuck w/ one designer either...BUT...I carry mostly designer bags....I do have one from Kathy Van Zeeland...I love it...It's chunky and loud...Lot's of hardware but I'm not a big fan of her charms....She obviously isn't up there w/ Gucci but I like her for HER too..She used to design for Nine West years ago and then she went out on her own..Her style has improved as times goes on and she's coming "into her own"....Good for her..I like to consider my self a bag lover...not a bag snob...But it's debatable behind my back I'm sure.....:heart: Emmy
  6. i think sites like tPF can encourage brand loyalty, too.
  7. There's nothing wrong with brand loyalty though. :yes:

    As for me, I don't care who made it. If I like it, I buy it. If it doesn't hold up, I just might never buy from them again. I have mostly kate spades and Coach. I have 2 LVs and the quality is exceptional to me for my everyday use (I take care of my bags but I do use them and not baby them) so I love LV but I haven't and probably won't buy anymroe LV bags/accessories as the prices have just gone past the point for me to justify buying it.

    I have lots of no name or generic brand bags like from Express or ESPRIT. I also have bags that are one of a kind like the beaded bags from India. Doesn't matter to me. If I like it, I get it (as long as I can afford it).
  8. I tend to find the (well known) designer = good quality argument to be faulty and misguided.

    Expensive doesn't necessarily = quality; retail price just has a stronger correlation with the possibility that it is made with more luxe materials and is better made.; it doesn't guarantee this. Just as the reverse is true, cheaper is more strongly correlated with inferior craftmanship, cheaper materials, etc; but, again, it doesn't guarantee that this is true.

    Designer brands can capitalize on the brand itself, which is going to add a premium to the selling price. This premium only reflects the brand's prestige NOT quality, craftsmanship, materials, etc. Some brands (like Hermes) are known for superb craftsmanship, BUT this does not mean the entire retail price reflects the utility added by this craftsmanship. Part of the price includes the fact that it is Hermes.

    I am fine with the fact that people want a purse for the brand, but it tires me to hear people justify their love for a particular brand solely based on its quality. There are equally well-made handbags by lesser (and even more expensive) brands. Why not love those brands as well?

    I think the main reason people love a purse is the style anyway. This encompasses the brand's history, prestige, etc. Style is not only how something looks physically but the aura surrounding.
  9. Well said kathyrose.
  10. good point, sonya. i believe that this can lead one to the analogy that x-brand exeplifies sophistication, style, etc.; i buy x-brand, therefore i am sophisticated, stylish, etc. or at least i want my bag(s) to reflect those qualities i have or want to possess.
  11. i didn't say there was anything right or wrong with it, but i found this to be true, that's all.
  12. very well put Sonya
  13. Oh no, I completely agree. Just putting it out there. :yes:
  14. I agree that brand name does not always equal quality. However, that doesn't mean that all people who buy brand name bags are uncreative or zombies to celebrity culture. I own mainstream designer bags (MJ and YSL) and more off-beat desiners (Gryson, Latico) and still more unknowns (bags I buy on the street from people who design and hand make them at home). However, I don't judge people who only buy mainstream. Too each her own, ya know? Being closed-minded is never cool.
  15. I am really enjoying this thread and all of the comments from its participants. Thanks. I am really glad I posted this.