When the love for Pink and Lindy come together

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  1. Bet some of you thought it's MrsS' unveiling, but no ... haven't bought anything major for awhile LOL!

    This picture was posted in the Asian Women's thread and I suspect viewership is not exactly very high there all the time.

    Just wanted to point out that Swift Rosy is gorgeous for a Lindy. Perfection.

  2. The combination of colors are stunning.
  3. That's beautiful. Really beautiful.
  4. I keep coming back to stare at it. And is this Zhang Ziyi?
  5. Yessss...I was just there, drooling over it...yuummm...:drool:
  6. Wow. Although I *thought* I wasn't a fan of rosy - I have to admit this looks fabulous.

  7. Hi merika! :heart::heart:

    Make me want to get one too. :girlsigh:
  8. wow!! that's really a beautiful lindy.
  9. mrssparkles, thanks for sharing! That is a beautiful color
    for a Lindy. It gives it a whole new look. (Same with the Lagoon)
  10. Wow! That whole outfit is just perfect- the colors complement the Rosy Lindy so well.
  11. ARGH!!! I was offered a swift rosy Lindy, and I passed without even looking at it. Now I'm kicking myself. That's a gorgeous bag!
  12. I just saw a rosy lindy at the tysons Hermes store last Saturday. It is a beauty!
  13. MrsS if you get this would you please send me your Rose Shocking birkin. I am more a fan of the true pinks.
  14. rosy is such a sweet color!
  15. Oh, how lovely ... the bag... the color ... the outfit ... the woman ...