When the Levees Broke

  1. Is anyone watching? It's bringing back the heartache all over again. I can't wait for part two tomorrow.
  2. I watched most of it. Its really painful to watch. Those poor people were treated so horribly and inhumanly. I always thought during the whole Katrina thing, that animals are treated better in a disaster. Did you catch the part when they said the Canadian police got into the area before the goverment did!!!
  3. I honestly can't watch that stuff. . . I also can't watch anything even remotely related to 911, it's too painful.

    Feel free to laugh at me, but I get all weepy when I hear the song God Bless America now :sad:
  4. No laughs Swanky, just means you have a big heart :smile:
  5. Selena, yea I saw that part. I was laughing when the woman was talking about trying to get out of the airport and they had to go through a metal detector and the woman maning the station had the nerve to "grit" (I think most people know that means) at the woman.

    Swanky, I don't like to watch stuff like this either. I'm the girl that weeped watching Big Daddy. I need to find that trailer for Will Smith's new movie. It had me crying just from the trailer!
  6. I watched part I last night and am watching part II tonight. Painful to watch on so many accounts, but I'm so glad Spike made this documentary. It's extremely well done and moved me to tears all over again.
  7. :love: Selena. . .

    I remember watching a NYPD Officer sing it right after 911. . . I'll never forget him singing that song. . . I seriously get all weepy when I hear it.
  8. I watched both Part I and Part II today. After seeing it, I am so horrified and ashamed at the same time. We failed the people of New Orleans. It's hard to believe that we let this happen to American citizens. And yeah, if some tragedy happens elsewhere in the world, we rush over there, but we didn't help our own.

    I remember hearing about what Kayne West said at the Grammy's(?) and was mortified, but now seeing it in this context, it sheds a whole new light. This is a great documentary and while there is so much anger still, it's an important piece of work. (And far better than I expected it to be.)