when someone you know has a fake...

  1. So what do you do when you encounter a super fake, and you're carrying the real deal? I went out with a friend of mine yesterday, to go look at apartments with her mom. Both her mom and the real estate agent were pretty stuffy, and the real estate agent had this super fake black city... which looked real (correct bales & all), but I knew it was fake (the handles were off). I sort of swung my dolma green city around and they kept taking glances at it.

    I'm not even sure they knew what was real and what wasn't. Most people in Bangkok have no clue what balenciaga is, and they sell "inspired" ones at open markets here, so you often awkwardly run into someone who has a motorcyle style bag.. bleh. Anyone else with good stories?

    Speaking of which, I *finally* found a place in Bangkok where you can get (new) balenciaga bags. So I finally got to see the toile bags. I love them. :heart: :heart:
  2. i usually eye fake bags, but i don't say anything. if i'm with my bf, he usually elbows me and asks me in a whisper if it's real. we then have a quiet discussion about it, lol.

    seeing fake bags just makes me walk with my head high with pride over my authentic bag! :smile:
    i do know people who really could care less that they are carrying fakes! they do it completely intentionally. one gal i know even offered me one as a gift at which i was like, :blink:?
  3. OT - mlertpac, are you Thai? I'm Thai too! But I live in the States. I haven't been back to Bangkok for almost 2 years now. Miss it! :Push:

    Where did you find the place to sell new B-Bag? Does Bal have a shop there? Would love my mom to go and see the bags sometimes since I want to buy her one. :P

    Thank you!
  4. jennifer, my story is just like yours. my BF has improved so much in spotting the bags! I think he's actually bewildered they're so expensive and that caught his attention. yesterday, he went "look at that Lady with her Hermes bag". To which I replied "with her FAKE Hermes bag. But nice try, honey". He's getting there!

    Mlertpac, re: your "meeting the fakes" story, I had a very similar experience when doing a job interview. I went with my black 40 Birkin, and the interviewer, who was very senior, had a superfake black 30 Birkin. I discretely left mine on the floor and tried not to look at hers. When I left, she definitely was trying to take a peek at my baby. I don't feel particularly guilty when this happens!

    To luvpurse and mlertpac, very irrelevant comment, I would kill to eat thai food every day. You girls are so lucky. Sorry, I couldn't hold that comment back!
  5. Balenciaga's pretty much unheard of in Sydney (Australia) where I live.. but a lot of legit clothing stores have rip-off versions, which all the girls love to carry around.

    I've been approached 2-3 times with "Oh your bag colour is so pretty!! I got mine in (insert fake colour here), but I like your colour too" and the girl proceeds to show me her bag - which is COMPLETELY different to what a real Balenciaga is.

    I mean, how do you respond to that?? :-O
  6. ha ha ha.. the same goes here, i'm in indonesia... lot of stores sell fake balenciaga that people not aware of the authentic one even exist... so they just carried them proudly. and once i was accompanying my friend to buy a fake chloe for her sister at a mall where they're known to sell fakes handbag.. a woman approached me and asked in whispered,"which store did u get that bag?" pointing to my metallic red twiggy... and i was like, "what? they're authentic, that's why they're good and u can't found it here", but of course i only replied, "they're authentic"
  7. Oh my! I love what cyberspace has to offer. That's cool that you're originally thai too. Yes I am, but I'm leaving mid July to go to grad school. If your mom lives here, tell her to go to Club 21 at Erawan Plaza (you know, the four sided Buddha) right across from Gaysorn. There's a Club 21 handbag/shoe store, and then there's a clothing store- so make sure she looks for the right one. They have really neat stuff there, including that crazy dada YSL pump. :heart:
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:But seriously, don't you think it's quite well known as well in Sydney? I live in Sydney as well and I would say thousands of people are aware of b-bags, and have ordered them from NAP, AR, or ebay. I seriously can't think of anyone (at least among my friends and relatives) who doesn't know about it.

    :roflmfao: sehorse, glad to meet another indo here!! Can't wait to bring my b-bag to indo and see people's reactions there!!
  9. bakaneko - are you serious? NO I don't know a single person in Sydney that's aware of what Balenciaga is (friends that I've already told don't count!).. maybe I just hang out in the slummy areas or something, hehe. Nah, even in the City to/from work, people haven't a clue :X
  10. hi bakaneko... yeah, more indos!! :smile:
    i was at mangga dua when that women asked me bout the metallic bag. it's so hard to find b-bag in here, it's only avaliable at on pedder in plaza indo, but the range are so small, and the price is much higher, i have to purchased mine at spore or through ebay.
  11. I don't think you do or say anything. What if they paid full price, thinking they were purchasing an authentic bag? I would not want to make anyone feel bad. I would not carry a fake bag, but that is just me. Some people would never spend money on an authentic, and think it foolish to do so. Perfectly fine by me, as that is their personal preference.

    If someone has a fake, they either: think they have a real one or know they have a fake. I don't think it is polite to acknowledge either scenario.
  12. agree with tin - what someone is wearing is their own business ... unless they ask you. then, tell them, for sure!
  13. I also think a lot of the people that buy fake bags don't know how to tell the difference btwn real and fake. They think that no one will notice- they think the bag looks like the real thing.
  14. So last night I attended my niece's high school graduation. Afterwards, while waiting to meet up with her, I saw this lady walk by with a really horrible fake gold bbag. I discreetly told my husband I just saw a really bad fake bad. At this point he thought I was a little crazy.

    Anyway, we ended up having her after party at a restaurant about 7 miles away from where she graduated. I went into the restroom and the same lady was there with that god awful bag. While I was washing my hands she was staring at my bag. I reported to my husband again. Then he was thinking I'm a little more than crazy.

    Our table was across from them and it turns out my brother and his wife know the family. I kept asking my husband, since he was facing them if he could see the fake bag. Needless to say he thought I was completely off my rocker. But I just couldn't help it, it was so hideous.
  15. When I was in Korea visiting family. I saw few women carrying fake B bags.. they seemed to care less about what they were carrying. It's so common to carry fake LV's and Gucci.. I realize to them, it's just a bag.

    Few weeks ago, I was in Chinese shopping mall in Ca and went inside a so called highend boutique because I saw a indigo balenciaga locked in glass case. I had to take a look.. ofcourse the bag was super fake and they were charging a full price. I asked the SA if it was real and she replied yes but wasn't 100%sure because she wasn't the owner just a sales girl. I told her the bag was fake. The bales were off and the leather was stiff and not buttery soft. She was like, "OMG, really??"

    I don't care what people carry or wear.. like zeke, it's their perogative but PLEASE don't try to sell a fake bag as if their real. That REALLY bothers me.