When someone returns a bag, do they resell?

  1. I've noticed quite a few threads re: people returning their bags after they have used them.....so my question is...
    Does LV put them back out to sell or do they go somewhere else?
    I expect a new bag when I buy in the boutique:yes: .
  2. Yes, of course they sell it, just like any other return. That's why such a short return time allowed.
  3. That's just unfortunate...I don't want someones handbag they used for a couple weeks...guess that's why I should examine them good....bummer.
  4. i was wondering the same, especially regarding eluxury

    were those azur speedy's that were popping up xmas returns?
  5. i bought a bag on elux- just b/c i wanted to see it irl. (silly, i know.) i was very careful with it and i did not remove any plastic, i didn't even try it on with the strap. i knew that the bag would go to another home, and i wanted it to be in perfect condition. if i did that, i'm sure others do, too!
  6. LV inspects returns and if it's not resaleable there will be no return.
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  7. Yah, they don't accept anything that cannot be re-sold and they have really high standards of what can be returned.
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  8. I'd like to hope that most people are as nice as you:smile:
  9. The only way for LV to assure that we never get a returned bag is to adopt an "all sales final" policy. I don't think most buyers would prefer that.
  10. This generation is fortunate. LV did in fact have a 'ALL SALES FINAL' policy back in the 80's. Think it was changed in the early 90's because of the tech age.
  11. I don't remember that, but then again only had a few back then, and they were bought at Macy's.
  12. Twinkle, They did in the Post St store back when I bought my first Epi. That's another reason I was very careful to be extremely picky. Otherwise I would have been out of $$$!
  13. :roflmfao:

    ive never heard of anybody doing that. you must not be very close to lv. :smile:
  14. Sure they will sell it. That's why receipts stated the refund policy. You have to return the bags in saleable condition.
  15. it was the mono stephen- lv isn't THAT far, but it's NOT convenient at all. and, there was no guarantee it would be there, anyway. i LOVED this bag, but irl, it was not for me.