When Someone is a Serial Bad Yelp Reviewer...thoughts?

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  1. Do you judge people who constantly give bad reviews on yelp?
  2. Sometimes I wonder if they're trying to get a freebie out of it. But it really depends on what they're complaining about.
  3. I don't read yelp a lot.
    But, when do, find the negative reviews hilarious.

    Admittedly, did judge the fool slamming rental car company I was considering.
    Because it LOST the car, after was returned. And wanted her to pay for it.
    On & on, crazy, crazy. Almost a full page.

    When I returned my car, same place, was 1 entrance for this. And tire shred strips, if did wrong.
    And attendant waiting, with equpiment to log in car/time/date. And to print receipt.
    There was NO WAY not to return it without being noticed!

    Thus endeth any trust I had in yelp reviews. ;)

  4. i agree with the 2nd poster, some people will complain if they think it will get them free stuff! if they are a serial complainer then they should just stay home!!!! I wouldn't take their reviews serious if I saw they ALWAYS left bad reviews..at that point that person should re evaluate themselves....and, well ..just MAYBE they are the problem =)

    i understand things happen at restaurants or hotels, that are sometimes out of the employees hands...and we should all be sensitive to this..if I am at a 5 star resort...paying 5 star prices, I do expect to be catered to and problems handled accordingly...but if I went cheap and am at a 2 star hotel..well you get what you pay for. Some people go to 2 star restaurants expecting 5 star quality :nuts:
  5. Yes, and I always read the blocked reviews.

    One of my favorite service providers got one bad review on yelp (the only review that showed up), several good blocked ones on yelp, and 25 five-star reviews (all good) on another popular review site. So, yeah, I judged the reviewer who was costing him business. I need that service provider to be profitable and stay in business because I need his services.

    I think the bad reviewer said she was a psychic or something.
  6. I don't judge them although I have to wonder why they don't have anything nice/positive things to say about anything at all. Also, some of those negative reviews are hilarious and just off the wall that it makes me raise an eyebrow.
  7. I certainly judge them if they have hundreds of reviews and only a handful are positive. I assume they are the exact people who can never be pleased with anything whatsoever. I typically get distracted and wind up reading through all of their horrible reviews rather than focus on the business I got on Yelp to read about in the first place.

    If you're giving a 1 star rating because a grain of rice was out of place and they did not count out exactly 6 ice cubes for your water and one was chipped in every single review, then you have no credibility IMO. Stay home with your nuances. I don't care if you ARE a Yelp Elite reviewer or whatever they are called. At that point, even if the perpetual negative Nancy reviewers were to have a valid complaint on a review, I automatically assume they're still crying wolf. :rolleyes:

  8. Oh yes. I totally read all the blocked ones as well.
  9. Yes, debbie downers suck. A lot of these smaller restaurants depend on yelp reviews for business. Leaving a 1 star review because the server did not ask if you wanted lemon with your water is a dic* move.
  10. Lol so I watched this Yelp reviewer and food blogger literally spend my entire meal time taking photos of and with the food, which was a good 45 minutes.

    When I saw her and her pics later on for the restaurant, she complained the food was cold and the texture wasn't good.

    Yeah cuz it say on your table for 45 minutes, of course it would be cold!

    And worse yet, the staff gave her a free entree when they saw her and her boyfriend taking numerous pictures.
  11. I have a few bad reviews on my account. But they're mostly from bad experiences with customer service or if the quality of the food/merchandise is lacking. I do mix some average, good and excellent reviews so I do not look like a "serial bad reviewer." I always try to be fair with my reviews and taking my time to write a huge wall of text detailing my experience with the business.

    When I leave reviews, I made sure to explain and describe the employees' behavior towards me and possibly other customers around me, the store atmosphere itself, my reasoning for being at that establishment, and quality of their products/food, etc. I remember being at the LV boutique in SF and had a really negative experience there (sales associates ignored me for 15+ minutes) so I didn't hesitate to leave a bad review. Turns out other yelpers had a similar experience as mine. So 1 star for them.

    On the flip side, the BV boutique in Santa Clara was positive all around as the SA's there were super friendly and helpful, so I left them 5 stars across the board.

    I always, always read the blocked reviews, too. Sometimes they are just more helpful than the "accepted" ones. Sometimes they can be written by employees or "paid" people working at the business so I can't always trust them.
  12. Most people only leave bad or excellent reviews. If it wasn't memorable, you wouldn't remember to Yelp it.
  13. I don't do yelp but I do really like trip advisor. I find it can be quite helpful when traveling in an area you've never been to before--where you don't know what places are rumored to be good and what places are said to be not so good.
    However I find myself leaving much more positive reviews most of the time than bad reviews. For every 10 good places that you visit you might come across a place that gave you really terrible service or totally ignored you.
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