When someone asks "how is that authentic?"

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  1. This guy who I work with actually had the audacity to say "is that a real LV, no it can't be, it's fake. Yeah right!"

    It's a SPEEDY, like so unheard of, so unobtainable, I know!

    Just because his girlfriend bought a fake one that some poor little kid slaved over to make and he can't tell the difference doesn't mean mine is fake.

    But anyway, I hate to admit it but I wish I knew what to say. I just described how it was stating it should look that way...

    I really wouldn't mind knowing what to say any time someone actually is rude enough to say something like that.
    What would you say?
  2. I think that comment deserves about a 15 second blank stare followed by "Now, why would you ask me that"?
  3. Why not educate them on quality. Believe me, that fella knows the different between a Ford Pinto car and a Lambourgini.
  4. I would have just said "Oh Gawd - I'd never be caught DEAD with a fake!"
    Kind of a rude guy though. I get a lot of looks when I wear my Koobas - like this ":confused1:". I don't know what people are thinking.
    I think it's harder for people to be complimentary sometimes than to make a weird comment....
  5. People constantly ask me about my Dior wallet. They usually compliment it and then follow it by "is it real?" Then I say yes and they either just nod or ask me where I got it.

    But if someone implied I had a fake I would try not to be rude (I would have to try REALLY hard lol) then inform them that it is real. That guy was really obnoxious. With someone like that, I would have pointed out the leather straps, the inside logo, the quality of leather, etc if I were you. I would intentionally rub it in that my bag was real and he should be ashamed of himself for speaking to me like that.
  6. maybe it's me, but, i don't understand where people get their chutzpah from...it's not like you'd go up to someone and say "gee, is that your REAL nose? or are those your real breasts?" or maybe the same tacky people that ask tacky questions WOULD go up to someone and ask...who knows? all i can say is that i don't have the time to waste to answer a totally inappropriate question like that...SHEESH!!!!
  7. someone i worked w b4 once asked if my louis organizer was fake. he just said that is fake right? i said no actually, my grandparents bought it for me as a uni grade gift. he still didnt beleive me so i showed him the little tag inside. he said oh that is real i m gonna steal it then! i just responded i would know who to tell security to go talk to if it disappeared. needless to say i never brought my speedy to that office!
  8. I'd just ignore the guy. Some people have no class...
  9. If pushed I'd probably say, "Yes, it's real. I don't believe in buying counterfeit merchandise."

    Usually, I just try to ignore but some people just keep on pushing.
  10. What a jerk! I totally don't understand why people feel the need to ask the following:

    "Is it real?"
    "Where did you get it?"
    "How much was it?"

    WHAT'S IT TO THEM??!! Seriously. Unless you're planning to buy the exact same one, what does it matter to them? Ugh. I totally feel you on this one!
  11. ITA. Effin' rude.
  12. I hate that! I've also gotten: "Did you get that on Canal street, my friend has the same bag from there!" a girl in my dance class said that to me when I had my Tokidoki with me and I just looked at her and said "No, I got it at Macy's in the Menlo Park Mall."
  13. ITA!

    And as to the fake part, a few years back right when the LV Murakami Cherry Blossoms Pochette came out, I was on several waiting lists and got one. I went to the salon and there is this well off lady that is a stylist there. She was staring at my bag the whole time I was there. So, apparently after I left, she told my stylist that she thought it was fake and there was no way somebody my age could have that, blah blah blah.

    Tony quickly corrected her and pointed out that I would never own anything fake and that I'm in the financial situation for it to be that way. LOL

    So I found out about this and I was fuming about it. I was just irritated b/c that lady thought she was the only one in the entire city or something that could afford things like that. So, from now on, I make it a point to go on days when she is working and I carry a different bag and dress to the nines to make sure she is clear on who owns the real things. :roflmfao:

    Rumor has it too that she has been known to mix fake with real. Maybe next time I will call her out on that. hehe
  14. :yes: Yeah I would say for "for the $975 dollars I paid for it, it damn well better be:wtf: or the LV boutique in Short Hills mall has some explaining to do":supacool: (you know since they are so damn nosy and want all the info right?):sweatdrop:
  15. ahh! someone actually stopped me on the street to ask if my breasts were real. i was so shocked that i just stuttered, "uh um yeah." it was a woman, too!! some people just don't have any decency.