when should you start taking anti aging measures?

  1. :shrugs:
  2. When you can afford to add the anti-aging products to your skin care routine. Begin with no more suntanning on your face. Sunscreen 100% of the time. And if you are having issues, like lines, you should have already started.
  3. keeping sunscreen and moisturizer on your face are the two easiest and cheapest things you can do to be good to your skin. especially your face neck and hands. do the fancier stuff when you can afford it, etc, but if you do those two basic things you'll be off to a great start. and stay out of the sun! and don't smoke and drink lots of H2O
  4. I started at 20 :yes:
  5. Immediately upon emerging from the womb is an excellent time.

    If said emergence happens to take place in direct sunlight, make every effort to roll into the shade, and remain there.
  6. ^^^hahah shimma you are so funny

    early as possible, i would say. prevention is the key!
    as for using creams and sunscreens and such..don't just focus on your face and forget about your neck! the neck can reveal a lot about a woman's age!
  7. i started @ 22.........but i totally abused my skin from 16-22 :sad:
  8. LOL but TRUE!!!

  9. Right on!!! I agree. It's never too early!
  10. No sunburns at any age. Keep your teen out of the sun until age 18.

    Age when a teen should start skin protection:
  11. As early as possible! I started the whole skin care regimen, including using eye creams, when I was 18. Granted, when I was that age I was kinda pressured into it by my mom and grandmother, so sometimes I thought it was too much work and forgot LOL, but I'm sooo grateful about it now.

    I'd say use LOTS of sunscreen! Don't forget about your hands too, and any part of your body that's exposed to the sun.
  12. ITA it starts as a kid with sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen and should be a lifelong habit.

    I found I had to change my skin care routine somewhat into my mid/later 30s as my skin got a little drier so I started experimenting with light eyecreams for night and a slightly creamier (but still sheer) foundation during the day. I still do break out, however, on the brink of 40 so go figure!!
  14. Since I am now 49 and have sun damage from all my years of sun worshipping, I can tell you start right NOW. I don't care what your age is. Be careful in the sun and take good care of your skin. One day, you'll wake up and wish that you had. Start early and you won't be sorry.
  15. I'm 22 and have already started