When should I try to sell to the next bidder?

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  1. I just sold a pair of concert tickets for a concert this coming Saturday. Auction ended Sunday morning, and I haven't received payment yet. I know they technically have seven days to pay, but since the concert is on Saturday, if she decides not to pay I am stuck with the tickets. At what point do you think I should try to sell them to next highest bidder if I get no response from the winner (after multiple emails)? Or am I stuck with the tickets? :sad:
  2. Did you specify when you would want the payment? I usually ask buyers to make the payment within 3 days and never had a problem. If you didn't then I would think that by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest before you can offer it to the second highest bidder since you would need to ship the tickets and have them receive it before the concert.
  3. If you don't get payment by tonight, I would send second offer. As the concert is this weekend, you want to make sure there is enough time for payment and shipping.