When should I put vibram(?) on CLs?

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I got my first CL pair recently. And I bought a few pairs more. :yahoo:

    Every morning, I'm really tempted to wear one of those.
    But I never wore CLs before so I don't know when I should put red sole on it.
    As all of you in this forum, I really want to love my CLs as long as I can. :P
    (I searched for it and it seems that vibram(?) is the one very popular, is it right?)

    I saw some pictures that red paint is totally peeled off and just become like new after putting vibram.

    Do you usually put red soles after wearing CLs or before wearing it? :balloon:
    If you put red soles after wearing CLs, when is the time to put red soles on it?

    Do you wait until the red paint is almost peeled off?
    Or do you usually wear it only for few times to make the shoes adjusted for your foot shape?

    Could you please share your opinions, experiences for CLs starter? :P
  2. I've had some of my CLs for a couple of years, and I have yet to put vibrams on any of them. Some of my soles have more wear than others, but I've read that they have to sand down the soles to put the vibrams on first, so the original red will have to come off anyways. The worst thing for the soles is wet concrete - I've found that after one wear, the original soles can become a bit of a mess. However, other CLs I've worn for years in dry weather show very little wear.

    Personally, I plan to enjoy my shoes as long as possible before I put vibrams on them. :smile: However, check the Care & Maintenance thread in the Reference section to see what other CL Addicts do. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your shoes!
  3. Yep to what Madame said, but I wear my CLs first since the cobbler has to file down the sole before putting on the vibram.
  4. karolinec1, jancedtif : Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I didn't know that cobblers file down the soles before putting the vibrams! I'll happily wear one of my CLs to work today!! :lol::lol:

    madamelizaking : Thank you so much for lots of information lists! Actually, I spent more than hours to search for it but it was quite hard work for me. Now, I can start with the list you gave to me!! Thank you so much!!!
  5. no worries :smile: . next time when you search make it for threads not posts and all I did was put vibram in.