When should I list for sale my Brown Paddy?

  1. Ok, so I decided to sell my brown side pocket paddy but I am wondering if this is a good time to list it on e-bay.
    I have paid so much recently in eBay fees for other stuff I have been trying to sell.
    I just don't wanna keep listing it and paying so much fees.....
  2. Wait for the next listing sale. I would guess one might be coming up.
  3. yeah but do you think a brun paddy could sell now? It is a great price!
  4. mmmm I don't think now is an especially *perfect* time to sell a brown paddy.

    I think a lot of gals are looking for lighter colored bags this time of year.

    So personally, I would wait for a listing sale.
  5. I think you should especially if there are no paddys like that on eBay (i rarely see brun paddys). The color and style is year round in my opinion :smile: Good luck, your bag rocks! I'd break my paddy ban for a brun, but the tall paddy is too tall for a shorty like me :shame:
  6. Thing with Chloes is they tend to take FORVER to sell. People don't have the money to buy them or are too stingy & buy fakes.
  7. I disagree. People here are always looking for good Chloes - especially Paddies - at a fair price. They get snapped up all the time.

    Saying people "don't have the money to buy them" is an erroneous statement. There are people who have the money and the inclination to buy high end bags. Just like cars - Aston Martin don't have problems selling their very expensive cars do they? :shrugs:
  8. yes you are right, but like you said have to be a fair price, otherwise selling can take some time:smile:
  9. Listing sale for auction listings is TOMORROW! (If you are in the US or I believe Canada).
  10. It was sold.....
  11. Wow! Already! Was that on eBay? :smile:
  12. no, another pfer....
  13. Congrats!!:yahoo:
    I'm still on the fence with my whiskey paddy though. Weary of ebay:oh: