When setting BIN lower, buyers questioned it's too good to be true?!

  1. I am confused. I have a few high-end bags (authentic of course) in brand new condition. Since I don't think I will carry them ever, I listed them on eBay. I know eBay sales is slow now, and I don't care to take some lost, so I put starting bid price about 50% and BIN to be 60% - 70% of their original cost.

    Then I received messages from buyers questioned their authenticity. They think the price is too good to be true. :confused1:

    If I set the starting bid close to their original price, buyers gave me 80% off offers. If I set the starting price from 50%, they think it is too good to be true. I am confused. What starting price should I set?
  2. If you don't mind taking the cut and you are listing at BIN then I say set whatever price you want - and then some lucky duck will get your bags ;)
    If you were looking to sell at auction then it might matter because you'd want more bids - but at a BIN I think it's really sweet to offer good dealsto people :smile:
  3. Ditto, don't worry about it. I love sellers who have reasonable prices, they tend to get most of my business. Simply tell people that they are at 70% (or whatever %) of retail and that is what you consider a fair price, then refer them to TPF or CarolDiva for authentication.
  4. Thank you Nyria and Shiba! I wish people would judge authenticity by viewing its pictures and seller's feedback instead of its lower BIN price. I made Immediate Payment Required so I can choose my buyers with good rating. When people questioned my bag's authenticity because of its price, that was really hurt.

    That bag has been sold to a new buyer, and he/she paid immediately. There was another buyer emailed me yesterday and asked if that bag is still available. The similiar situation has happened twice in last month.