When school gets boring

  1. So, I was a little bit bored in history this afternoon. Do you reckon this is my subconscious telling me I need to buy something new?!

  2. :nuts: Wow! What class is that boring? :love: ur watch btw!
  3. thats why you should always sit at the back of a class. you can use your time so much more creatively.:yes:
  4. The watch is nice... chunky but nice.
  5. LOL, that's so cute! I think it's telling you to buy a new wallet......


  6. You are too cute!
  7. You need to go do some serious LV shopping after that history class!
  8. that's so funny!
    you're not a bad artist, btw :smile:
  9. Omg I thought I was the only one who did that, lol.
  10. :smartass:LOL I agree i think you need to go and buy something like..Now! Cus i mean it could get serious! It's effecting your learning so i think its best if you get something now before you start drawing on the desk or the person next to you..It's for the good of your education! :wtf: Btw i Love your watch! :true:
  11. HAHAHA.........sounds exactly like me in math class..........!!
  12. You should major in "LV research", for which you have to buy lots and lots of LV's to see if they are any good.:graucho:
  13. Bahaha...your arm looks kinda like my math book..
    what kind of a watch is that?
  14. haaaa! Too funny.
  15. hahaha you're cute!!