When SA's info Conflict!

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  1. okay...so my normal SA at Hermes says...when you are not using your bags...put the stuffing back in them...put them in the dustbag and lay them on their pillows in their boxes.

    however....my SA that sold me my new HAC veau natural sable...told me not to lay them down in the boxes...just keep them covered so they can breath.

    what to do?

    I thought laying them down helps them keep shape, etc like for clemance and togo, etc
  2. anyone?
  3. I like to see mine so I only cover the new one in black box (to prevent animals from nibbling on it, lol) but I sit them upright and keep pillows in them to make them hold their shape. I don't think laying on their side makes any structural different, but that's just my opinion.
  4. I was told to keep them covered from dust, and standing upright with stuffing that isn't plastic (although why the hell do they come with plastic bubbles inside then?!) - I was told this by my SA and the Craftsman.

    So I roll a clean, cotton, white towel up and stuff this inside the bag, when not in use and put the bag in the dustbag, put that inside an Hermes bag. Boxes are stored elsewhere. If it is a bag I am using I just place it inside the Hermes bag and drape a towel over the top to make sure any dust does not settle anywhere near the bag.
  5. I need to ask SA...

    I guess I have been doing it all wrong...:confused1:

    Lying down in original box with those big plastic bubble things inside the bag to hold shape...

    What's wrong with plastic inside the bag?
  6. yeah what is wrong with the plastic?

    I use bubble wrap and a big piece of plastic in my bag...like a wad of garmet bag that is plastic to put in the bags.

  7. Leather being a natural fiber needs to breath and plastic doesn't allow it to.
  8. Oh my...my black box Kelly I have had for too long to report. LOL

    That bag has always been stored in its box, in its sleeper, on its back...with no stuffing inside...whenever not used...for the last 15 years! It looks just like the day I bought it. Plus, I live in high humidity. Take it for what it is worth...that's all I can say.

    If used daily...of course I don't pack it away...it stays out.

    Nothing has happened to it ever.
  9. I think the key is taking care of your bags!

    I guess I need to change out the plastic bubbles for cotton towel?

    any other suggestions?

    and they can be in the box...or just set with the sleeper on the shelf......both are good?
  10. Don't laugh...but the plastic is in the inside...

    I would think this was true if it was 'wrapped' in plastic...:confused1:
  11. I USED to keep all my bags with their bubble inside, tucked nicely in their sleepers standing on my shelf in my armoire.

    NOW, I stuff my Birkins with down travel pillows and my other bags with lot's of pretty tissue paper OR vintage linen kitchen towels and stand them upright without their sleepers on the shelf in my armoire. (I'm kinda anal when it comes to the stuffing....everything has to look/be pretty!)

    This works for me because I can see what I have at a glance AND I've never had a problem with any bag becoming out of shape, scratched or moldy. Plus, I get to feast my eyes on some beautiful bags whenever I open my armoire!!!!

  12. ^^I want to be your armoire, Shopmom!!:nuts:
  13. Love the stuffing idea! I stand my bags too without their sleepers on my closet shelf so I'm more inclined to use every bag and not forget about them.
    Shopmom...do you have pics of your armoire? Sounds gorgeous!
  14. Shopmom: You MUST post a picture of your armoire!!! :woohoo: :woohoo: (With the doors open.)
  15. ^^ Yes, please Shopmom. ^^