when returning to elux, ups?, insure?

  1. what do you advise? first time return to elux. what do you rec.?
  2. i would recommend to always have tracking number and insurance (for expensive items). if it gets lost or damaged during transit, you're covered.
  3. I do UPS with the full value insured!
  4. I have returned several things to elux and I use usps insured with del conf. In the past I have used fedex but when declaring the amount I have actually gotten an attitude from the clerk(2 different ones) about spending that much $$ on a bag!!!:cursing: As if it's any of their business!!!! Elux likes you to use fedex or ups but I have used usps for many things with no problems and no hassles for the amount. Fedex made me so uncomfortable that I refuse to go back!
  5. I use USPS online click-n-ship service, no hassle at all. You can even get a free pick-up from your house by the mail guy.

    I would use a flat-rate USPS shoe box if my package is over 4lbs and if the LV box fits in.
    Product: Priority Mail Box Flat Rate Box-O-FRB1

    I don't insure my package and just hope for the best :P
  6. do i need to ship it in the lv box? i can use a smaller box for shipping if i don't include the lv box... thanks everyone!
  7. e lux has always sent me a return sticker and i just drop it off w/ fedex
  8. they didn't send me one- i even called and asked and they said no!
  9. That's weird. I got one for my last return.
  10. okay- i did get a return sheet- with a return address sticker. however, as far as i can see, there's no prepaid postage. do i just bring the package, with that sticker on the box, to fedex and they'll take it? thanks!
  11. Did you call up and get a return number?

    I don't think there's return postage on the address label. When I called up and asked about returning a wallet, they credited me $8 for shipping it back.
  12. I return to ELux via UPS, but I always, always, always insure the package for the full $ amount. I can't remember ever getting a return address label or a credit for return shipping.
  13. thanks! the mono stephen is quite large. with the size and ins. it's going to be exp. to return, so i wanted to do it the most economical way! (more $ for other bags!) thanks again!
  14. i did usps with tracking
  15. thanks again!