when returning an item, should i get my refund first?

  1. I bought something on eBay and when I got home, I realized it's fake :yucky:. I contacted the buyer already. Should I get my refund first or should I mail it back first? What's the normal course of action? TIA :heart:
  2. normal course of action is they refund you when they get the item back:yes:
  3. That's totally understandable! I just wanted to know what the 'norm' is! Thank you! :flowers:
  4. you send it back in the same condition you received it, then you get your refund, that's standard protocol. good luck!
  5. Don't forget to get signature confirmation!!
  6. Well I opened a dispute over a fake item through paypal they had me keep the item until they told me to send it back... but i guess if your buyer agrees to take it back without going through paypal, then you'd get the refund as soon as they got it back.

    Like the others said, just make sure you have proof you sent it back in case you don't get your refund and have to open a dispute.
  7. I agree with what everyone above says. I can't think of any place in the world that would offer a refund BEFORE getting their item back. KWIM? eBay works the same way.

    Just be sure you send it with on-line proof of delivery.
  8. Good luck!