when reissue collection will end

  1. i am on holiday now , really eager to get my metallic red , purple, and navy.
    i will be back to london on 12th feb. i am really afraid that by the time i am back to london , they have sold out everything. becuase i heart that london has already got some reissue delivery. crying ........, i definitely miss this chance , but does any one know when the this re-issue collection will end in the uk? help help !!
  2. i don't think so ... the season just bigan ...definitely will find yours :heart:
  3. If you're not on a waiting list, you probably won't get one. Saks hasn't even had their trunk show yet and all their purple reissues are gone!
  4. god!! what should i do ?
  5. Don't worry! It's actually not that difficult to find one, as long as you are willing to make some calls. Even though you are not home right now, call the boutiques you frequent and ask them the status of the reissues. Make sure to give them your info and tell them you are DEF interested! The reissue collection is limited but the older members will tell you that when there's a will, there is a way! I've been able to find bags that SAs swore up and down was "sold out". Go get on that phone already! :biggrin: Good luck!
  6. pengqiongwen you should check out the "UK Chanel" thread since the ladies here will often post what's in stock at the stores in the UK. Good luck!
  7. Trust me pengqiongwen there will still be reissues left for you when you come back to London.The danger is if you're not on the waiting list now you'll have a long wait!Unless the size and colour that you want is not the ones so sought after.As for the red,the navy blue, and the purple it's probably best you call to put yourself on the waiting list :smile:.
    Good luck!
  8. GL in gettin one as i'm sure they are available at any store but depends wat color or sizes u are lookin for since the reissue only recently out from the store.
  9. Excuse my ignorance but by reissue you mean the sqare lock?
    It seems most of the new season bags come with this lock, rather than the two cc? I returned a chocklate brown classic a few weeks ago becouse I prefer the cc but cannot get one. Now there is one bugget shape left which I
    might have to get as I don't think brown will come in with the cc. There are plenty of black ones new in. Is the reissue the one to get then?
  10. It is always worth calling around, cause alot people waitlist at more than one store. Things come up to, or people change their minds! Call and have them add you to their list... Good Luck!