When purchasing your Chanel

  1. When purchasing your Chanel by which method do you prefer?;)

    Getting a Chanel as a gift is always a winner - but, do you get a bigger high from the Chanel Boutique or do you like the Fine Department Store experience better?

    Maybe it is the thrill of the hunt and bidding on eBay to acquire your perfect Chanel..

    So, here is a poll to see what is the favorite and why?

    1.) A Chanel Boutique
    2.) A Fine Department Store ( in store purchase) - Neiman Marcus, etc.
    3.) eBay Auction
    4.) Other - Purchase from friend, Order from catalog from fine department store, etc.

    I enjoy the Chanel boutique experience the most. I enjoy my relationship with my SA there and the overall Chanel boutique experience. Even down to the Chanel bags in which my purchases are carried out of the store.
    The in store purchase at a fine department store would be next.
    Too afraid to try eBay, yet - but I can see where the bidding process could be addictive.
  2. Well...some reason the poll did not come up because my system went off line for a second :confused1:- so, just post your favorite....
  3. A Chanel Boutique! A very fine experience!
  4. anothter vote for: chanel boutique
  5. dept store, i can save on tax and shipping. plus my SA sends me pics all the time.
  6. Chanel boutique!!!!!

    Never bought on Ebay and don't think ever will, unless I know the seller is VERY reputable (MP here doesn't count...you know it's authentic when you buy a bag/accessory)!
  7. NM, I get the best service from my SA there.
  8. Actually haven't own 1 yet, but shld be fine dept since there are no boutique near me at all!
  9. 2.) A Fine Department Store ( in store purchase) - Neiman Marcus, etc.

    NM for me, because I love the huge Chanel section (not to mention the overall store selection!), and the process of trying on different bags before I leave with my pretty victim. :p
  10. Doesnt really matter to me...what matters is finding the bag I really want - whether it be at the boutique or at a dept store.
  11. fine dept store. I love my Saks SA. She's very helpful and not snotty in the least bit.
  12. boutique. The service and presentation is better.
  13. I feel SAs in dept stores are more friendly, I like to shop at NM BH.
  14. Chanel boutique is always a nice experience and makes up for all the times you go in there to ogle the bags and come out empty handed.
  15. I have purchased at both NM and Chanel boutiques and have had great service. I especially like the service at NM and the boutiques in Vegas.