When ppl list their bags higher than retail..

  1. In the Marketplace, it sometimes bothers me when they are trying to sell their bag for higher than retail price as if they're trying to make a profit out of it.. Is it just me???
    But I understand for certain bags.. like LV limited editions or it bags that are hard to get...
    And the tags are reattached, (which was removed then reattached.. I can sooo totally tell..) even though it's brand-new..
    I don't know.. is it just me?? Am I too weird??
  2. It would probably bother me if it were a bag I wanted!
  3. May be they are trying to recoup a portion of sales tax paid on the item?
  5. i guess you have to try and make money and not lose it....
  6. Well.. it's supply and demand right ? People usually try to ask what people will actually pay, and if demand is high, people will be willing to pay over retail. I don't like it, but I mean, that's how it goes ! (doesn't stop me from kicking myself over not buying a cerises cles.. bah !)
  7. No one really want to sell anything at a loss. I don't think the market place is a place to find cheap deals. but its a place to find authentic item without the hassle of ebay.
  8. The marketplace is great because we as a group of handbag connoiseurs can trust eachother not to sell fake bags, we know that if we buy from eachother we'll get the real deal. But we should be getting just that, a good deal, rather than being overcharged. We should sell for fair prices taking into consideration: original price of the bag, the rarity and/or demand of the bag, it's condition and it's estimated current value. Right???
  9. It seems positively silly to sell exactly at retail if everyone else around you is getting more for the bag... check Ebay for an appropriate price for a bag.

    Frankly, I think that once a bag is in your hands, it's up to you to decide at what price YOU want to part with it. That may be below retail, above retail, or more than you paid for it used on Ebay. Nobody's gonna make anybody buy a bag.

    I'm surprised this is even an issue!

    If a gal on here can make a profit selling her bag, I'd be happy for her.
  10. ^ Agreed.
  11. I agree with everyone.... I think the Marketplace is a safe haven for us, especially since there are so many fakes out there. But it is understandable that everyone is trying to get the most of what they can. Since we are all saving up for our next bag! :smile:

    It's the seller's business how they sell the bag. Good for them if they get more than they paid, but if it doesn't sell, then they will know why. Unless they don't need money, I think it would be silly to sell something for less then they have to.

    I am always in shock to see how much people pay for some things on Ebay when you know they could have gotten it for cheaper, and there are 10 other sellers selling the same thing. But good for them!

    I guess the bottomline is, you don't have to buy it from them if it upsets you. But I can't blame them for trying. IF they sell way over the normal value and then WHINE about not being able to sell it, then, that would bother me.

    It's ayla said, it's all about supply and demand!
  12. Agreed :shame:
  13. Yeah, I hear what you guys are saying.. but my question is.. certain bags that are available at the boutique.. current season, current color, current style.. and way above retail only makes me think that they want to make profit out of the bag.. And this is not the case for most of the bags.. but a few bags that I've seen, (of course which weren't selling) were listed as way above retail. And of course, it's not as safe as the high end dep. stores or the actual boutique, regardless of the authenticity.. because of the return issue and stuff. And I understand that for ebay, because that's what some ppl do to make a living, collecting limited edition bags and selling them way above retail.. But here, as all of us are bag lovers I felt more like friends and was hoping that people will not try to make money out of selling bags here. I was looking for something more reasonable, which most of them are.. but some cases they aren't.. If the price was the same, I wouldn't buy the bag from the marketplace that is.. that was my point, (again, that excludes the limited edition bags, and one of those hard to get ones, and past season ones esp. balenciagas in gorgeous colors)..
  14. I think the market place give us, members,a safer place to buy and sell auth. goods! I really like the idea of market place! I think most of the listings are pretty reasonable priced.However, if you feel some that the price is not reasonable, ex:like you say inflated pricing on the bag that you can get it at store, then you can get it at store. Just buy the ones you feel the most worth buying and comfortable with.The market place just give us another option I guess.
  15. I think it's a moot point because if the bag is listed higher than retail and still available, then you can always get the one in the store.

    If it's a limited ed/sold out, it's really up to how much you're willing to pay for those items... I think most members here are reasonable and if you want an item and find it overpriced to similar genuine items on eBay or other places, you could always message them to see if it's a firm price or something negociable. :smile: