When Planning your wedding did you just want to Elope instead?

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  1. I'm from the South too... We have crazies on both sides.:biggrin:
  2. hehe ... so you know what I mean .....hummmm how sane am I really ?
  3. I'm the type of woman who never gave a thought to her wedding until it was time to get married. My sister, on the other hand, has had her "colors" picked out since she was about 9 years old.
    If she eloped, she would regret it, w/out a doubt.

    It's just key to keep everything in perspective. The world we live in, with all of this celebrity watching, inculcates us to sometimes focus on the ring, dress, flowers, cake, etcetera...your wedding day is the BEGINNING of a wonderful journey, not the end. :biggrin: The only thing that really matters is making sure that you have the right person standing next to you. Everything else is gravy.
  4. I had a small wedding in Hawaii (we live in CA) and saved the money for our house. We got married and moved into our new house two weeks after. THE BEST decision we've made, especially since our house has doubled in price in 3 years!
  5. I'd probably elope but still want to have the wedding :lol:
  6. truer words have never been spoken - i've got them on both sides, but i think my mom's side wins, as long as we're still scoring based on stints in rehab, marriage to people who don't quite speak english (and you don't quite speak their language), and family-business hostile takeovers.

    my boyfriend and i have said that if we get married, a local restaurant called taco stand is going to cater it.

    we're not kidding.
  7. This has been discussed between the bf and myself, and we've decided to have a small, private wedding in the Bahamas or another tropical island. It will be us, the best man and maid of honor, and lots of alcohol :nuts: I want it to be on the beach at sunset, then we'll go party!

    When we get back, we'll have a reception with our family. I don't want to deal with the ceremony, picking bridesmaids, dress fittings and alterations, location, food, and all the stress. I'd be a bridezilla :wacko:
  8. I was given the choice of a down payment on a home or a wedding too. I had the wedding for his family he is an only child and they would never have forgiven us. As they say experiences teach us everything.

    I have told my daughters I would hope they will schedule a trip with the immediate family here or abroad. They will have a wonderful time and remember their wedding day more than planning a hugh affair and being driven crazy. We can always party later!

    Mother in lawzilla drove me crazy before we were married and continues to do so she just does it a little less now.

    Try not to let the stress get to you...weekly trips to the spa can be a wonderful thing! Enjoy!
  9. celesus...planning a wedding is definitely a stressful thing, but you can make it something special, too. Try to think of it as a big party for you and your husband and all the guests who will be attending are people who love you and are there to celebrate the beginning of your lives together :love:
  10. Heck Yeah! And if there is a wedding number 2 - you better believe that I will be at the Justice of the Peace!
  11. My bf's brother is having a big wedding at the Waldorf Astoria in NY, over 500 guests, its terribly expensive and spending over half a million on a wedding is a little ridicululous. Half the people there are jealous and nasty people, do you really need a wedding like that. I would have a small elegant and memorable affair, something private and I would use that money to add to buying a beautigul apartment or adding to a penthouse apartment etc.
  12. I never wanted the big wedding, even as a young girl or teen. I married late. Like, 2 years ago late and I'm...vintage 1950-something.:P
    My husband had been around once and was glad I didn't want the church thing either.

    He suggested we elope and it was perfect for us. We married outdoors in a green woods at an Inn in the mountains on a perfect June day.:love:
    My best friend and her husband were our witnesses and photographer/videographer. Other couples got married that weekend as well. It was low key, lovely and fun. We had a 3 week honeymoon touring Europe just after. Perfection!
  13. My husband and I are outdoorsy ocean-oriented people so we thought there's no better place to get married than on the beach. So, that's exactly what we did right at sunset w/ 27 of our closest friends. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were barefoot and I was wearing a simple beachy wedding dress but still traditional w/ the exception that it had no back and went down to the bottom of my back ;)! We both never wanted a fancy wedding, that's not my style but it depends on what you like. I only had 4 mths to plan it and didn't stress at all except for when I lost my wedding rings 3 hrs before the ceremony!
  14. Either would be okay with me. I love planning stuff and I have certain stuff figured out but I always thought that it would cost too much $$$.
  15. Yes! After starting to plan &and pay) for our wedding it keep gettin biggger and bigger, not really for us, but to accomadate everyone esle, we decided that it was such a hassel, we eloped to Hawaii got their instead on the beach and had a awesome 2 week honeymoon. I don't regret it for a single second! We came home and had a small wedding dinner. The only thing that I would have done differently is I would have had a video made (this wasn't really done back when I got married) and I wasn't thrilled with the photographer. Everything else was amazing and I highly recommend it!
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