When Planning your wedding did you just want to Elope instead?

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  1. Perhaps if I knew just one more person pilled the majority of their hair out trying to make yourself and famiely happy with an event that is only one day, yet gives you bleeding ulcers to enjoy for years to come.... and Ive only just begun it .... I cant be the only one out there :wacko:
    .... hummm cheap flights to Vegas .....
  2. We eloped to Nevada.
    My wedding day was fun and relaxing. We swam in Lake Tahoe before, went Jet-skiing after.
    I have never regretted it, not for one moment.
    We had no $$$ at the time, having a wedding, even a small one, would have required that we go into debt or accept money from our nutty relatives. No thank you! :biggrin:
  3. I want my friends to elope , I am not married but I am tired of going to weddings. I have 3-5 weddings a year to attend to. I have to buy gowns which cost anywhere from one tho0usand to five thousand to each event. Shoes , hair , makeup all cost money and its just ridiculious. Last year we had 3 weddings and a couple of other big events. This year its 4 weddings and next year 4 weddings if no one else gets engaged.
  4. I am planning now! 6 months to go. I want to run away everyday (and I'm not even doing the bad parts. My Dad is doing most of it!!). My fiance and I think that we should disappear to Europe.
  5. I can relate; I wanted to elope. I'm glad we didn't...but still...:wacko: :lol:
  6. yep...and we did. we had the best reception ever...i sometimes am sad that i didn't do the whole "walking-down-the-aisle" thing, but when i think about buying my first house, it was definitely worth it.
  7. I actually have a friend whose parents offered her either A) they would pay for her wedding, or B) they would give her and her husband a down payment for a house (which would have been a lot, real estate is crazy here in N. California).

    And is now divorced. Oy!
  8. Hehe.... I do feel alot better just hearing stuff like that , I am going nuts just trying to FORCE my mom not to spend 8000 on a cake ...and I do want a Buddist ceromeny ... thats REALLY not flying ... lemme tell ya :lol:
  9. that is irony .... but shes got ....ummmm pictures ... i guess ... :amuse:
  10. This has me wondering if it's not too late to get the deposit back from the caterer...
  11. It was definately on our minds the planning and chaos can be so over whelming.I just took control and laid down the ground rules for those who were asked to help. In the end this is your special day.

    Good luck

    All the best !
  12. ohhh dont do that!!! i do know so many ladies who have had beautiful weddings that they will never forget... I think it's just my gibberingly-insane-strait jaket wearing famiely ....
    ... I am from the south .. we dont ask IF you have crazy people in your famiely ... we just ask what side they are on .:wacko:
  13. I wished we would have had just a big party instead of a traditional wedding. It would have been more fun, with less planning, and more time to spend with the guests on a more informal level! Plus we would have saved some money!

    The most fun we had was hanging out with our out-of-town guests.
  14. Yes Yes Yes!!

    :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    This came at an appropriate time.. my fiancé just has the craziest ideas of what reality is like sometimes.. I am a PLANNER and he is NOT! He hadn't even thought about plane tickets to get here! Good lord, he is a wonderful man, but I swear sometimes I think his mom did too much of his everyday planning, because his planning skills are not very good :Push:
  15. Swedie,
    That is such a guy thing ! I almost wish mine was NOT involved .....i mean he just looks at things thru his "BOY" glasses