when people TELL how much their stuff cost

  1. The thread about your reaction when people ask the price of your bags reminded me of this pet peeve...

    I have a serious issue with why some people LOVE to offer information about their purchases.

    For example, once we're out to lunch with this other family, and their girls... and the mom proudly anounces that her daughter bought these boots for $5...:hysteric:and she has the daughter show us, and model the shoe...whole nine yards. A little while later, the girl's on the phone snapping her gum, and announces that they went to blah store the day before and spent like $130 on clothing for her and her family and OMG they bought soooooooo mannnnnnnnnnny thingssssssssssss! :throwup:

    Another time, I'm at school, and this girl announces to me and this other girl how she bought this purse for $5 and it's so cute...yadda yadda yadda...

    Why do people do that? I never ever bring up the price of my things, and it's b/c you never know who's around, who's listening... and i don't want to alienate anyone by mentioning the prices... but for some reason certain people love to do that.
  2. It's exciting to talk about a good deal, I think although it's true that not everyone might want to hear. On the other hand, it's rather crass, especially if you're doing it to show off your copious consumerism.
  3. OMG! i do that with my vintage finds. but usually people were asking first and adoring my finds and asked where i get that, and i tell them where and for how much, it's great to do that with cheap great stuff finds.
    but if people were talking about their high prices bags or shoes, that's what i don't like...
  4. Exactly. I don't mind when it's about low prices and great deals, but if people are bragging about the high price of something they have, I think that's really tacky. "Look at my new boots, they cost $450." Ewww.
  5. I agree, I don't believe in showing off pricey things to people who don't get it and then saying how much it was.
  6. ha ha ha... agreed on you hippiechic. my snobby friend adn her snobby as well mom were always bragging about her daughter's prada shoes. and i just said to her, well maam, my shoes is from thrift store, they cost 6$ and they look more expensive than that prada. :roflmfao: oops i can't help to be cynical sometimes :P
  7. People get excited with good deals and I don't mind those. It's the other end that seems show-offy.
  8. When I encounter the show-offy types, I kinda just smile and say, "Oh yeah? Good for you" and work in a yawn somewhere..

  9. I agree. I am always happy to hear about the great deals some people get. :smile:

    However, it really annoys me when people throw in the price of their higher end items. Its even worse when they inflate the price (especially when I KNOW the actually price of the item). :mad:
  10. Same here!
  11. Hmm-I do that all the time-they are just proud and excited about what good deals they got. I see nothign wrong with it and it wouldn't bug me in the least. As long as they aren't asking me what my stuff cost or telling me about how I should go and shop.
  12. I dont have a problem with people telling me they got a good deal on something. However I don't like when people "show off" and tell me how expensive something was. I also don't like when people run down the prices of everything in their home like that commercial I saw on tv. I can't remember who it was for, pier one maybe.
  13. Same here. I find with me that most people who TELL the cost do it when it is something they feel is expensive. That is as annoying as all get out.

    Many people around me...especially in my hometown... feel threatened by the fact I can afford nice things and so as soon as they get something they just itch to tell me how much it cost. I just smile and tell them that its nice.
  14. I like it when friends tell me they got a good deal - they know what i like and they're just trying to share info!. Eg. getting $40 designer jeans, $200 miu miu bags, and warehouse sales..

    But when some one is like.."OMG>. look at my new PUCCI coat that my dad gave to me.. he is SOOoo rich and loves me Sooo much" I think that's when I feel that the conversation is unnecessary. It's unnecessary to tell someone you feel more well off than they are.
  15. I love to tell my close friends about good deals. It's like hitting a home run in the world of shopping. But now that I see not everyone agrees, I will watch what I say.
    I never, ever say how much something cost if it's a lot!