When people ask how much $ your bag was...

  1. what do you say?
    The truth? a lie? just say "enough"?

    I never know how to answer that because I really don't like the question. :sick:
  2. I don't really care what people think, but since people judge so quickly, I prefer to tell only friends that know me as a person and wouldn't come to conclusions based on what I answer with (e.g. the dollar amount).
  3. I usually just say "alot" (because it is) and leave it at that. ;)
  4. me too, i say alot, but i dont think they know just how much alot is, lol
  5. I don't tell people how much my bag cost and I tell them I'm not telling them. I only tell people who really appreciate bags how much they are.
  6. I usually say "You don't want to know".:idea:
  7. it depends on who it is. most of the time i say "a lot" or "enough" but most people i know won't let it go at that. if it's good friends i'll usually tell them, if not i change the subject.
  8. "A pretty penny":winkiss:
  9. I never say- it's no one's business! ;)
  10. I just tell them that I think it's a silly question, & that I'd rather they ask how happy it makes me feel.
    If someone is genuinly interested in LV & thinking of getting one I will tell them the price. I think that it is a rude question unless they are actually interested in the brand.
  11. "I don't remember :huh:."
  12. i will never say UNLESS the person is comparison shopping, ie they want to buy a bag like that and are wondering what the shell-out will be, or where the cheapest place to get it is, etc etc.
    ie a fellow shopper =)

    as for anyone else? in my experience they are only asking so that they can turn on you to judge, even if they started off admiringly.
    i'd SO rather not get into that with ppl, it's none of their business, and why should i justify my $ to them?
    So i refuse to tell. it always ends badly.
  13. I start to pretend I dont know,or I tell them my prarents gave it to me!
  14. That's what I usually say too.
  15. If it is close friends who also owns LV bags, I'll tell them, but so far we never ask how much each other bags cost, it just seems rude to ask about that. If a stranger asks, I will just say it is a gift from my hubby :love: