When pedophiles go unchecked...

  1. On July 28th, an extremely disturbing article appeared in several papers including the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. The article is about the California police's inability to take action against a self-proclaimed pedophile who is posting his musings about children along with images and lists of places that pedophiles can go to find children. This man is well known to the folks who live here in the Seattle area. He lived here until a local news reporter found his website and exposed him publicly, also putting him on the radar of the local police.. He left the area several months ago for California.

    This individual, named Jack McClellen, posts non sexual photos of children he's taken at local fairs, parks and other public places where children gather. His website attempts to promote acceptance of pedophilia and directs other like minded perverts to public places where children might congregate.

    McClellan indicated that his move to California from Seattle was prompted by the climate and the fact that California has "so many world-class children's attractions here, Disneyland, festivals and whatnot." While law enforcement officials in California say that, for now, there is nothing they can do about McClellan's postings, one man has set up a website to take the law into his own hands:


    Here's the NYT Article:


    This guy is getting national attention now, so look for many states to start passing laws making it illegal to photograph minor children in public places without their parents' consent. This guy is a time bomb and he needs to be stopped.
  2. Disgusting.
  3. Utterly disgusting.
  4. nothing, literally nothing makes my stomach hurt worse. . . . .
    I pity the fool that gets caught by me or DH coming anywhere near anyone of my children w/o the purest of intentions.
  5. ^^Totally agree Swanky. This man and all pedophiles are the lowest form of life out there.
  6. Oh god I'm about to puke.
  7. I really do hope that now that his name is out there his life will be made nothing but purely miserable. Hopefully now HE will be the one who is stalked.

    And I echo Swanky. Anyone coming anywhere near my kids without the purest of intentions had better watch out. I protect my kids first and ask questions later.
  8. Yuck.
  9. Wow... that's appalling... and frightening
  10. This is happening in the People's Republic of Santa Monica as it is called. The local news had interviews with parents who live in that area and the all agreed that he has committed no crime and the police should stand down. Yes, I said parents, this is the mind set of some people.
  11. What sucks is that the police can't go after him until he's actually touched a little girl (or essentially directed someone else to).

    Parents and police should keep a close eye on him and strike as soon as something happens.

    He probably keeps his hands clean by not touching little girls himself (I'm getting sick just typing that!) but if someone does something and it's traced back to him, he could essentially be charged as an accessory to a crime.
  12. The day the world is accepting of paedophillia is one I never want to be around for. So he's never touched a kid, that they can prove - he's still promoting an unlawful (and disgusting!) activity, and should be charged for this. I'm sure if he had funded the setup of paedophillia rings he'd be charged, and in the same way he's supporting people's illegal actions and attention.

    Someone needs to send a swift bullet into the vacuum where this guy's frontal lobe should have been. :censor:
  13. Well said and I agree wholeheartedly.
  14. I think pedophiles should be "eliminated" from planet earth. Period.
  15. When people told me that they'd 'kill to protect their children' I didn't understand what they meant until I had a child.