When ordering specific leather in French... how to say this:

  1. I do speak French and love this language but the subtleties still escape me. :crybaby:

    When I order something from Bal Paris, how do I say,

    "I would like thick, smooth, even leather, not distressed or veiny, but it can be a bit bubbly"?

    I want to get this leather (here's a pic of my steel Day to show what I mean):


    THANK YOU!! :yes:
  2. Unfortunately my french isn't nearly good enough for me to be of any assistance:shame:.
    But I was thinking that maybe you could fax the photo of the bag/leather to them? If you can make the picture light enough. Or maybe email it to them? I'm thinking about ordering a bag in jaune from Balparis but since I have seen so many different shades of jaune in here I was thinking about sending them a picture to be sure to get what I'm looking for.
  3. I've thought of that too. Fax pictures are notoriously bad, especially with leather details... Anytime you e-mail them, they go "call us please". Plus they don't e-mail pictures, I've asked. They do everything by fax. :push:

    Any French speakers (BTW, my name's south-of-france but I'm in Switzerland, I just love that region, and I'm not a native French speaker...) to help me out with
    "I would like thick, smooth, even leather, not distressed or veiny, but it can be a bit bubbly"?
  4. Je voudrais un cuir épais, doux, régulier, pas de veine, et un peu.. bubbly"? do you mean still? give me the exact meaning of bubbly and i'll tell you what the word in french is.
  5. BUBBLY ...not easy... the closer word can be applied to leather is : grainé

    and to be more precise you can explain it in French : comme s'il y avait de petites bulles...
  6. Merci beaucoup delmilano!

    bubbly... hmm I'll look for a pic...

    ok the first pic is bubbly at the top.
    the second pic has the leather I want to get.
    the leather in the third pic is too distressed for me.
    the leather in the fourth pic is too veiny for me.

    So... what should I say? THANK YOU!! :smile:

    EDIT: Thank you fromparis, I was hoping you'd drop by. So I hope I'm getting it right now... see pics... THANK YOU!!
    bubbly.jpg example-greatleather.jpg toodistressed.jpg tooveiny.jpg
  7. According to your last pics, I would say :
    Je voudrais un sac avec un cuir épais, et lisse, doux au touché.
    (surtout pas trop froissé ni veineux).
  8. Thank you so much, you've helped me a great deal! :yahoo::tup::love:
  9. Je vous en prie ;)
  10. i was about to post this same thread. thanks for posting south and thanks to all the french sisters.

  11. Can someone maybe help me too? How do I say 'tassel' in french?
  12. ^^^Liens
  13. And, perfect description fromparis
  14. Good luck, I hope they pick you a good one like that yummy day!
  15. Thanks trama turgo!!