When ordering, if eLuxury doesn't have it....

  1. Do you call 866-Vuitton to order or do you call whatever is the nearest boutique? Just curious really. I did notice that a couple of things, "add-ons", I'd lilke to have don't seem to be available at eLux. For example, the pastilles chain that many of you have hanging on your speedy or the extender that some of you put on your pochette accessories. If eLux doesn't carry it, which is your best option for getting the item that you want?
  2. call 866- they will locate it for you.:flowers:
  3. I hunt it down by calling my SA first. I give her the opportunity to make the sale. If she does not have it there to ship out, or I don't hear back from her in a timely manner (read: michelle is very impatient!:P ), I call 866 and they find a store that has it.
  4. Thank you!
  5. This is exactly what I do...but right off the bat. Since I am in CA, no advantage for me to use elux.
  6. can anyone recommend a store and SA that they like in CA? If it matters, I'm in Sacramento, so I guess the nearest store would be in SF. I'd rather give a SA a sale and make it more personal that using elux.