When on a Toki ban what do you buy?

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  1. I just bought a pirate bear qee for my new pirata ciao ciao.

    I'm nuts.
  2. picture picture with your pirata! sounds cuuuuute! :smile:
  3. hehe when it comes! the qee I mean. hehe. I just am grateful they don't have more qees that go with the themes of the print.

    imagine if they had close matching qee with themes!
  4. I thought I was on a ban, until I bought the Pirata BV from you! Haahahahahaha we are weak, weak, tokiheads!
  5. hahaha yea i sold stuff on ebay a week or so ago to get the ciao ciao!

    you'll love the bv i wish the style fit my body better i have the shortest torso ever!!!

    i already started getting it ready for packaging going to wrap the qee up!
  6. what do the themed qees look like and where can you get them?
  7. i usually buy hello kitty!! :biggrin: I cant wait for the new toki and hello kitty line!! I am gonna die!! :biggrin:
  8. dangerous!

    i just got a tarina tarantino necklace. grr. must stop using the internet.
  9. I know! I got the yellow one w/ the orange drips, the one w/ a crown and ice cream cone, a GID, a GID w/ glasses, a black, a blue, and a yellow :biggrin: all for $18 :yahoo: I'm so happy and I can't wait until I get them... I need to get on those donuts also but I'm debating just waiting until comic-con to pick up a few of those :tup:
  10. Hmm. . Not on a toki ban yet. I think I'm banning the bags though until vacanze. Thinking of selling off a few to have money for vacanze. I didn't think they would make a print I'd be interested in. I bet they are going to come out with one more thing. . . .
  11. I've never but myself on a ban.. but I forced myself not to buy toki bags before (I guess that's the same thing huh?)

    Tehlilone - I've been getting those zipper pulls too! And the donuts! They're so cuute! Did you buy those zipper pulls from an opened blind box? Or did you get SUPER LUCKY like that?!?! hehe