When not wearing jeans...

  1. what type of pants do you guys prefer for fall and winter?

    I've gotten into a major denim rut -- I wear them almost every day once it gets too cold for my summery skirts and dresses.

    I have a bunch of express editor pants that I used to wear a lot, but they just seem kind of "blah" to me lately.

    This relates a bit to the "uniform" thread -- I'm looking for another "basic" besides my jeans:smile:
  2. Velour. . . but mostly jeans in the winter.
  3. Wow Swanky -- you can type and post fast!! I love velour, especially running suits.

    I have trouble finding stuff that's just a little dressier though.
  4. LOL! I click on New Posts every once in a while and I guess you must've just posted it! It was at the top of the list and I always like to respond to post w/ 0 or very little responses!
    Hmm. . . have you tried trouser cut jeans/denim?
    It's softer and dressier.
  5. Me too, I wear army green and Black in many different cuts to break the habit sometimes.:yes:
  6. Winter is really cold here....I have brown and black cords in "sevens" - they look dressier but are the same sexy cut as the "seven jeans" try them!!!
  7. ^oooh yes, cords cut like jeans are great!:yes:
  8. ^^^that's a terrific idea -- just what I'm looking for, thanks guys!

    Sometimes it's hard to find nice fitting cords and khakis -- but if they fit like regular sevens, they should be great.
  9. good idea for a thread! I myself live in denim so I should stock up for alternatives
  10. I am in a denim rut as well! I need to get more well rounded.
  11. I like fine-wale cords (right now I like JCrew a lot) in chocolate brown or army green
  12. Lululemon jogging pants. ;) Or, if I'm really sick of lounging around, a dress skirt.
  13. I love wide legged wool pants.
  14. I can wear jeans to work most of the time, but I do like to clean up a little bit when I have meetings, especially with clients.

    For work I love lightweight wool slacks - I can wear these just about year 'round.

    For work or after work/weekends, khakis are OK part way into fall with a sweater, dark belt and boots but not once the weather really turns, IMO.

    Cords rule too!

    I love the waning days of summer but I SO look forward to the snuggly fall wardrobe time too.
  15. I really need to start switching it up a bit. Can someone take pictures of outfits that don't include jeans but are still trendy.
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