When Monogram Canvas gets old...???

  1. Quick question, I have read the Monogram/Damier canvas fades with wear, :crybaby: but what happens to the canvas... Does it get dull or shiny from many years of use???:confused1: :confused1:
  2. hi, I have my speedy 30 for over 5 years, and it still looks great. I think as long as you take good care of your bags they really should last for years.
  3. I don't really know how to describe... It is dull and shiny at the same time, if you KWIM... I've seen really old bags, and on the oldest bags I've seen, you can hardly see the monogram print anymore. The canvas has turned a dark, dark brown, grey even, and it is still shiny.
  4. I was just looking through the monogram club and noticed that the older canvas look very different from the newer ones. It looks a little washed out?
  5. Yeah, that's how I would describe it too.
  6. Here's my mom's Speedy (which is now mine) that she got in early 1990..
  7. I have a LV that is over 10 years old (probably closer to 15) and I haven't noticed a change in the mono canvas but the leather on the edges is cracked.
  8. It can depend on how much you use the bag. I have a papillon 30 that's 21 years old (the date code says February 1986 :nuts:)...like Shopaholic Isis says, the brown canvas becomes dull and shiny...other than the fact that the gold monogram has faded/is spotty in certain areas of the bag (still has a strong monogram pattern imo), the brown coated part is really dark but still really glossy!

    The baby pap still maintains its original color and sheen (like my newer LVs), but I think it's because it wasn't used too often by the original owner...it looks pretty good after all these years!
  9. I have a really used wallet and the canvas is very shiney.
  10. Wow gorgeous Speedy there, Rebecca! It's looking good!

    Zophie, bernz84, theglamourous, any chance of sharing some pics? I love to look at vintage pieces!
  11. Thanks!! It's my oldest piece and I love it :love:
  12. I don't have a picture of my papillon on me (at least, a good picture), but I have a picture of my large Noe that's 13 years old (it was made in 1994):


    It's not a good picture because I have a crappy digital cam, but you can see that the canvas has gotten very shiny. I :heart: her...:love:

    The gloss is much more obvious in my pap (it's actually similar to the canvas of Rebecca's speedy)...but for some reason, it's hard for it to show up on my camera. :shame:
  13. I have a vintage Frence Co Speedy 30 and it seem that the canvas if dull and shiny like others said but the mono's seem to have faded to a greenish yellowish color.
  14. you can always take it to the lv boutique and they can assess what repairs, if any, are needed. they'll notify you of their recommendation and repair fees and get your approval before they work on your piece. I know you can even refurbish the leather trim on all canvas lv's for a price.
  15. Wow! I'm not really a fan of patina or the Noe, but I have to say that your bag is gorgeous!!!