When mono Sophie was released...

  1. Does anyone remember how long they were around in stores for in the USA, and Japan as well?

    I ask because I have been emailing my cousin with the details and pictures of damier Sophie, as well as giving her a list of all the stores in Tokyo. They will be there in December and I just don't know if they'll have any left by the time they get there.

    She wanted me to "make sure" that the store they're going to will have one available, but I told her that's pretty much impossible, considering how I don't speak Japanese and I don't know if I can wait list for one. I did tell her though, if the store they're going to doesn't have one, she can have an SA at the store they're going to check the stock for them and see if there are any left.

    I just don't know if there will be any left in early December.

    I guess another possibility is...well, my SA is Japanese, maybe I could ask her to help me call the store they're going to and put me on the waiting list. If possible, maybe I'll give her my CC info and she can give it to the store and just have them charge my card right away when it's available and have my cousin pick it up later on. But then again, not sure if that can be done and not sure how my cousin would be able to identify herself as the person picking up the Sophie for me.

  2. I think asking your SA to call the stores in Tokyo would be a good idea. She could ask the SA's there about the availability of the item and if you can reserve one.
  3. If you can reserve one, then that would be your best bet. Whenever LV got a shipment of Sophie (in Hawaii), they would sell out very quickly. It was definitely within days, if not sooner.
  4. Oh, the things we do to get our hands on LV!!!
  5. Thanks for your opinions guys, my SA is very friendly so hopefully she won't mind helping me!! Too bad the time difference never works out so that both stores are open...so she'll have to call on her free time, if she's able to help!
  6. I hope you get your hands on one, Karman.....it's such a great bag, but unfortunately for most of us, not a reality. Good luck!!!!
  7. The mono was introduced in Hawaii on Decembebr 14, 2006. I wait listed on December 21st at all three stores and got called back by all three stores within a week. I only bought one. Hawaii reportedly received 7000 monogram Sophies. I saw them displayed in the stores in December with "Reservations Only" but once Janaury came around they were all gone.

    Damier Sophies have not been seen anywhere and I think they were all out by week 1 with some people who WLd never receiving a call. From what we've heard about 150 pieces came to Hawaii and not sure if there are going to be more. I haven't seen Damier in the store at all.

    Good luck!
  8. It seems like your sefest bet is to contact through the japanse SA, maybe she can help. Especially if they sell out as quickly as the mongram one.
  9. The only plausible issue is that you will not be able to reserve under your name. That is what I was told when I tried in Hawaii. I was told that the actual buyer (i.e., my brother) would have to be listed as the buyer and his credit card would have to be used to pay.