when mama, daddy, little johnny and sara are all fat?

  1. how do you feel about obesity when parents teach their children bad eating habits?

    does it bother you when you see an entire family of overweight people and their YOUNG children are all overweight too?

    or is this behavior okay?

    i was at a restaurant and a family came. every one of them was overweight -- severely. grandpa/ma, mom/dad, three kids. they sat at the table and stuffed their faces until they could not any more. the little boy had asthma and was probably no more than 8 or 9 but more than 120lbs i'd guess just by looking at him.

    it bothered me, 1 - because i hate to see ANYONE severly over eating for ANY reason

    2 -- the children were only doing it because they are being taught to do so and didn't know any better

    but these are only my opinions.

    what do you think?
  2. Yeah, I get pissed off too when I see HUGE families..not only are the parents ruining their own lives they are putting their own children in risk of having future health problems.
  3. yeah, i hate when parents cook unhealthily and teach their kids bad eating habits. that's so irresponsible!!
  4. Bla I feel sorry for their kids. And then I wish I could help them but I know I couldn't without seeming cocky.
  5. If they don't know basic nutrition, how do you expect them to teach their children?

    I think hospitals should sponser a healthy eating seminar (and the doctors could recommend their patients go to those seminars) so at least nutritional information is made more available.

    If the parents know and don't care, then that's an issue of neglect or child endangerment.
  6. Yeah, that's terrible to see.
    I read an article in the paper that said that if you had friends/family that were overweight/obese, your chances of be coming overweight/obese increased by 75% or something.
  7. i work in the childrens section of a department store and it breaks my heart when i see 7 or 8 year old kids who cant fit into the age 16 clothes because they are so fat.
    im a UK size 8-10 and i can wear the kids age 11-12 clothes. our sizes are very big.
    however, i know the other side of the story, my mother was obsessed with how much i ate when i was younger and because of it i developed an eating dissorder in my early teens.
  8. hmmm, I'm pretty big myself. Wearing US size 16 to 18...

    My daughter was born 4.45kg, which was huge. Shes heavy and tall ( luckily ).

    Due to her size, she tend to take more milk than any normal baby of her age.. and thus, she's "fatter". I do not stuff her junk food and stuffs.

    Shes 7 months now and she will cry and whine non stop if I dont give her food. But I know I have to control her eating habit once she get older.
  9. I think it's terrible either way around.

    I hate seeing huge parents with obese children. I also hate seeing people like my aunt feed my cousins carrot sticks and fat-less chicken from age 3 to the point that both of them are 15 and 16 now WITH EATING DISORDERS.

    What the hell is wrong with people??? How could it not break your heart to see your child suffering physically and mentally/emotionally due to any type of eating disorder...and just not do anything about it?! I just don't know what is wrong with people these days; I don't know what will lower the obesity rate in America. It really is a complicated situation. Do you make people learn nutrition (probably the best idea) or find ways to limit all junk food in take (fast food, store bought, etc.). Equally, something needs to be done about eating disorders such as anorexia/bulimia, etc. My sister was anorexic, and two of her high school friends were so horribly anorexic that one was hospitalized and nearly died.

    An unfortunately large portion of my university campus is overweight. A program was actually started in my town to try and get students to work out/eat right. Just the other day, a hugely overweight girl in my class walked in late, huffing and puffing, and carrying a large bag of McDonald's that she proceeded to eat in class; during the 5 minute break, she went to the vending machine and bought potato chips and a snickers plus a soda!!! It's unbelievable to me!
  10. my mother's side of the family is heavy set (her half brother and all his children and wife are morbidly obese as is my grandmother and so on...)and my dad's side is thin. My sister is really thin and I got the sucky genes (like my mom) and tend to easily put on weight. I weighed about 145 when I was in high school (and at the time i thought i was fat!!) and after I had my 2 boys I gained about 65 pounds!! I am sloooooooooowly losing the weight but it's a horrible battle that if you are not persistant and motivated you cant win. Which is why i think there are alot of "fat" people. There is no magic cure to take the weight off and when you go weeks without seeing results it can be disheartening. Atleast for me it was.
  11. The 7 year old boy living next door for the summer is on a "diet" to lose weight for football. He drinks diet soda and is not allowed to have anything with sugar. By no means is he even close to overweight, is even on this side of being skinny.

    I just shook my head when he told me this. I'm glad they are only here for the summer because I have had to struggle to not go off on his overweight mother for putting the thought in a child's head that he needs to lose weight at the age of 7.
  12. I think one of the problems is that kids don't play anymore! Does anyone remember coming home from school and going out with your friends until the last minute when you parents were yelling down the street at you? Now it is TV and computer.
  13. I can relate to this. My mom was curvy (not overweight, but she thought she was) when I was a kid, but wasn't really comfortable with her body and didn't want me grow up and have a similar body. So I was systematically on a diet since the age of 6. I'm starting to realize that it has caused me to have some major problems with food, but I'm dealing with it now.

  14. ITA.. I just like that case that was on the news when the parents were charged of murder their own baby.. they were veggans and they starved the baby to death... we was so little when he died.. poor baby, they were feeding him only soy milk and apple juice....

    if you are letting your kids know that is ok to eat candies and bad food you might be killing them slowly.. maybe they were educated in that way by their parents and they dont know any better... I dont want to offend anyone but I do think is irresponsable

    some of them are overweight because they are sick (diabetes, etc) because of their genes, but once again I believe you are more susceptible to get diabetes and more when you are overweight.. this is one of my biggest fears.. I lost my grandma because of diabetes and I saw how much she suffered before she died @ only 63 years old and yes after giving birth to 10 children she was overweight..
  15. Im kinda mixed about this.Havin worked as a therapist for over 10 years.......In a hospital.I have to say..some of these issues are HEREDITARY.There are severe thyroid disorders that cause it(hypothyroidism)..so I never judge someone I do not know
    HOWEVER there are still WAY too many families that TEACH POOR eating habits.I have to admit to an occasional MC D's trips..LOL....But I always make my kids eat veggies and fruits over crap food.
    My 11 year old goes out to eat with me twice a week and orders a salad every time.I beleive I have taught her well..but I do have my moments ..heehee(haagan Daz...Baskin Robbins,...)