When Life Gives You a Golden Opportunity . . .


Oct 13, 2011
I never thought I would want this bag. I always thought it is too small and it won't fit my lifestyle. But after seeing multiple reviews on the same bag in various color, I started to love it. I was hoping to get it before the price increase although I don't know if this bag is part of the increase.
I immediately texted my SA @ BG and they never ordered this bag. I was in NM last Sunday and I went inside the boutique to just look around. Didn't expect to buy anything. I asked the SA if they have the bag I want and she said it's all sold out. But there was one on hold for someone else until the next day so she couldn't show me the bag. I told her to call me if the bag is available. Honestly I didn't expect to get it, especially right before the price increase.

I texted the SA first thing in the morning and she said she had to wait until 4 pm to find out! Ahhhh so I waited patiently the ENTIRE day!!!! My golden opportunity came at 4:10 pm when I got the call!! I couldn't believe it is really mine!! So anyone up for my golden reveal!!!!??!!