When 'Life' gets in the Way :-(( !!

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  1. Had my 'eye' on a series of lovely pieces - and even had the funds:
    1) 1st LB (lovely bag) - $$$ ended up being used for car repair
    2) 2nd LB - $$$ ended up going to the Doctor (emergency appt)
    3) 3rd LB - $$$ ended up having to get a new battery for the car

    Arrgghh .. what 'life' events got in the way of your purchase?!?! ;)

    Note: I mean this in a light-hearted way (e.g., a true emergency should ALWAYS come before a bag purchase); it just always seems like when you have the $$$, there is nothing to buy .. but when you don't, there's TONS of stuff you see!!

  2. I know why you mean! Have to replace my roof and roof deck... So am selling all but one of my bals. So sad :sad:
  3. ^^ another Bostonian!!; well ... after the rain we've had this week ... I can understand the need for your repair (but it still sucks!).
  4. Okay you have had your Big three you are done :biggrin: I promise you can start looking soon!

    My Three: when I say three I mean bad things come in 3's

    1)had to replace my dogs knee (he is only 4 and I love dogs soo had to be done)
    2) had to replace his other knee...yep three months apart
    3)had to have rotten wood replaced on the house.

    Blue Roi Maxi Twiggy, Siegle RGGH Env Clutch and Anthra RGGH Day were going to be mine...not so much

    BTW I too am a New Englander (Topsfield) but currently stuck in the south!
  5. Tell me about it! With all these storms i can't wait til the replacements are done. Sorry to hear about your car.. Hope it's good as new now!
  6. Good thread! 2 days ago was eyeing a Pale Rose Weekender. Yesterday had to replace all 4 of my tires in addition to other miscellaneous repairs. Today = no more Pale Rose Weekender viewing or buying. Sad!
  7. We can't put off doing the downstairs bathroom anymore. The cost for a simple reno is the equivalent of 6 Bbags.
  8. Yeah .. you're right!!! Hopefully, no more incidents! Topsfield huh?!? ... have yet to get to the Fair!!

  9. Oh you gotta go!!
  10. UGH life does seem to sometimes throw curveballs just when purchases of fabulous bags should be happening! Isnt that one of Murphy's Laws? :noggin:

    CeeJay-Bummer to all those things happening, but I wonder if the seller of the bags you are eyeing might be open to layaway? Just a thought? :idea:

    CrazyinLV-I am right there with ya with taking care of poochies. My doggie is my baby, I'd do anything for him!

    Which leads me to my dilemas right now-well only one and HOPEFULLY its minor, but if it's not then I will roll with it definitely...

    Doggie has one of 2 things wrong with him-either an infection in his nose from his allergies and sneezing and banging his nose on the ground when he sneezes, OR he has nose cancer. :cry: Obviously I am hoping for the former, so we started off with antibiotics and in a week we will see if it was that or if we need to proceed with blood tests and x rays and all the other stuff (wouldnt do radiation, no way, he's 13...but my vet is homeopathic and does other treatments that have shown to shrink cancer in size! Its fascinating stuff but $$$ as you can imagine)....
  11. Susan, I hope your baby is alright. I have had to sell several bags in order to fund emergency vet bills, believe it or not. My dog is 12 years old and has 3 legs, hence a lot of pricey medical issues :sad:

    I always have to scrounge to find enough money for my Bals! It seems as soon as I think I'm content with my collection, poof here comes another one I must have! I never have time to save up!!!

    At least I'm a renter and don't have to worry about roofs and other costly improvements! It would kill me to pass on an HG for a hot water heater-LOL
  12. ^^Aww Violet! A tripod puppy!!! How does your baby do on 3 legs?

    Fingers crossed! Spence is a very well taken care of old man all right-with arthritis big time. They are so worth it!:biggrin:
  13. so have been there done that!
    1. battery and parts for the car
    2. bills!

    still waiting a few weeks for my first bal because of the set backs!
  14. CeeJay, pls know that you're not 'alone' in this :smile:

    Hope the emergancy thing was all taken care of!

    The LBs will come back your way!!

  15. My two dogs make this aweful suck in air thing...sounds like a big sneeze...See what the results are. Just wait and see. I freat over my 9yr old's Fatty lump.