When LE becomes potentially permanent!

  1. To all, there are so many of us here in this forum.
    This is a protest for all who have
    1.bought LE/seasonal items, and
    2.would be mad & upset if the line is reproduced or made permanent/potentially permanent.

    So ONLY to all fellow Pfers who protest, let's get together and sign in this thread and let our voices be heard!!

    *I hope LV gets to see this and think twice about their production decisions to relaunch thee so-call LE items again!* THIS IS SO WRONG!
  2. Ok I'll join

    I like the limited factor I like walking down the street and having a unique item some of these where very hard to get I really had to work at acquiring them

    The miroir lockit caused me sleepless nights I spoke to many people many stores and even many countries and I still wasn't guaranteed it finally someone came through for me . I really don't like the idea that it may be come permanent later (that goes for any miroir really)

    If this makes me a bad person saying it so be it Sorry but I like Limited to stay limited
  3. What are you talking about? I haven't heard any news about this :confused1:
  4. Millionaire sunglasses are being rereleased and there is talk that LV are testing the ground with the lockits to make miroir permanent oh and pomme hearts are thought to be coming back out too
  5. Oh no, that actually sounds horrible! :wtf:I don't have any miroir but I can imagine how it loses a lot of his appeal when it's permanent!
    I do have a pomme hearth and I actually really like the fact it's a limited item! It's the only item someone complimentet me about and it made me feel really proud.
    hey, I'm in this petition!
  6. I was not amused when multicolor line became permanent when I was told it was going to be limited/seasonal. I am with Label Addict - I also like limited items to stay limited.:yes:
  7. Label I totally agree with you! I purchase LE items first of all because I like detailing and style, etc. but I also am drawn to havng something limited that not everyone on the street is carrying. I like unique pieces and since the CB craze LV has really taken my attention from other brands like Chanel where I used to spend my money equally. I do not purchase LE items just because they are limted but I would be lying if I said that this fact doesn't factor into my overall choice, because it does. I would be very disappointed if LE items started to become permanent, it would take away the fun of the chase (I use fun loosely as I also had sleepless nights over Miroir Lockit! LOL!) and the specialness of these bags. Both my Kirsten and Miroir took major leg work, loads of time on the phone to multiple stores and the agony of waiting. I think to flood the market with these items would kill the integrity of the brand for me, similar to what happened to Burberry. Still an excellent designer but there is just too much and nothing about it is special to me. No offense to Burberry fans as their quality is superb, I just don't find a sense of uniqueness with that brand like I do with my LV LE pieces. Just IMO.
  8. Hey PinkGoldfish,H_addict & Label Addict, thanks for your support!!
    Recent news have upsetted me that the LE pieces I have bought is most probably going to make a comeback. I feel really really cheated! I didn't even use any LV bag today, I just don't feel proud carrying any of them, not like before. This is awful. There's always going to be a demand for LE items, that's what LIMITED EDITION is about - TO STAY LIMITED.
  9. It does make me wonder though if the items where to become many available would there be as much demand.

    I mean it's a pretty well known thought on here that the heart purse are cute but pretty useless would we go crazy for them in the same way if they where available for a long time.

    Did the Groom collection lose it's appeal after it was supposed to be Limited but then was hanging around stores for 6+ months?
  10. I totally agree. I think if LV announce that certain pieces would be limited, it should stay that way. Personally, I expect limited edition to stay limited.Otherwise, it would be misleading to the customers.
  11. Totally hear you Haddict! Mum was not impressed that she forked out $2100 to get a MC Alma for me, only to witness it become a permanent fixture :cursing: And if LV was to really produce the Miroir line permanently, and is knowingly testing the waters now...is that not misleading to customers because they are representing them as limited edition when they could very well not be down the track? :rolleyes:
  12. Apparently not because as it stands right now it is a limited edition as the decision has not been made to make it perm. If it was to be perm later then those bags would be the re-release and not the limited edition it's stupid and just terminology but I believe that's the way around it
  13. I totally agree! I want a POmme heart...but think it would be BS if it were re-released.
    Personally, I think they are flooding the market this year with limited (and non-limited items)....these bags are staying on the shelves for a long long time. I mean Dentelle is easy to come across (except Kirsten), Olympe is easy to find......it's crazy! Shoot...you can still dig up a perfo speedy on Elux.
  14. well i felt the same way when they launched the love2 totes!!! :weird:
  15. This semi bothered me with the damier speedy. It was suuuuch a coveted item and sooooo many women spent way to much money having it SO'd and BAM! Mass production! Not cool LV, not cool. :tdown: