When it says notify me does that mean sold outfit good?


Aug 15, 2020
So I’m new to luxury bags but I am looking for a gift for my wife and a lot of the bags that I see that look really nice all say notify me and I just want to know does that mean they are coming back or are they sold out for good and don’t expect them to return?
May 24, 2015
Hi, it means they are out of stock at the moment but once back in stock they will email you. I suggest you create an account (if you haven’t done so already) and put the items you are interested into your wishlist and have the LV site open at all times so that you can refresh the page several times a day.
Also, follow the thread (what are you stalking right now) as posts come up of what’s available ‘right now’ for purchase.
You have to act quick though - I’m talking lighting speed as items get bought pretty fast from other ppl that might be interested in the same item.

My other suggestion would be to go into store and talk to a sales associate for assistance to help you acquire your wish list items.
Last suggestion would be that if you do happen to find the item online and are able to purchase it have it delivered to a store for pick up. There are quite a few ppl here who have had issues with their parcels getting lost or stolen. I always have it shipped to the store that way I can see the product right there and then, inspect it with an eagle eye and the bonus is that you can always ask for perfume samples to take with you.

Hope this helps!