When it rains it pours....the mailman wrang twice today!

  1. Ohhh my I am in trouble, this morning the bell wrang and it was the express guy, another package from the US :yahoo:!
    It's amazing I just love EMS , the've changed smth send on the 11th arrival on the 14th 3 days frm Florida to the south of France whahoooo:tup:!
    Many thanks ;)
    And here they are my nude patent yoyo's 110! I am sooooooo happy.
    The right shoe is a bid loose in the back but I don't loose it they are much better in 39.5 nearly no "wrinkles". I am in love this color is really ........:love:

    And then just two hours later the bell wrang again, and guess what there was another box. My cream/brown python VP's arrived :yahoo:. They are gorgeous, it's definately a summer shoe but with a little suntan they will look irresistible!
    Python stretches but for now they fit perfectly , I feared the 39.5 would be too big in this size but I think I will be able to manage.

    Now this is an amazing Valentines Day, I am thrilled, my bankaccount is less so please no more enabling!

    I fear I might not have time to take and upload pics my kids are on vaccation, but I will do my best to do so asap
  2. Lucky girl!!! The South of France and two CL deliveries in one day!!

    Pics if you can ... ?
  3. Wow, two gorgeous pairs of shoes! :drool: Cat, you must post pictures. I can't wait to see them!
  4. Girl where ARE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave us hanging LOL
  5. Congrats on your deliveries CatCat. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  6. Lucky girl!!! The South of France and two CL deliveries in one day!!

    Pics if you can ... ?
  7. They both sound wonderful! I would love a pair of nude yoyo 100mm but I already own so many 4 in heels that are impracticle to wear to work. Congratulations!!
  8. Both shoes sound amazing, CONGRATS!
  9. Oh wow Catcat!
    They both sound delicious, I can't wait to see pics!
  10. Congrats catcat! YES PICS PLEASE! :smile:
  11. CONGRATS!! I want to see pictures!
  12. An additionally pleasant Valentine's for you, catcat!
  13. Two deliveries in one day? I cannot think of a better gift on Valentine's Day. Congrats!
  14. Lucky lady :smile:
  15. Congratulations! I love when the postman rings :p My husband, not so much...